Jing to see him!

Jing to see him!
It stands to reason that the two of them don’t have a close relationship. They can count the number of times they have met on one hand. There is no direct business contact. Wen Liang usually deals with the security minister. No matter how you look at it, he should not be Luo Qi who can take girls. Come meet that person.
So, why?
Wen Liang has always believed that it is absolutely right to ask a few questions why when something happens. So on the surface they were talking happily, but in fact they were thinking about the answer to this question.
But I can’t find it!
There is no reason, no clue, no reasoning can be established. show off? Unless Luo Qi gets kicked in the head by a donkey; demonstration? Unless Luo Qi was kicked in the head by a donkey and then bitten by a dog; with a gentle and forgiving heart, he said that he would take root in Qingzhou and would not return to Lingyang to hang out with Luo Yun? It’s possible, but the probability is less than one in a million. Luo Qi is a free man, and he can come and go without being restricted by others. He is also attached to the relationship with Minister An Bao, and he is talented. He doesn’t want to stay here, he has his own place. , there is no need to play this trick with Wen Liang, and there is no need to bother.
/So what’s left?
Wen Liang thought for a moment and got a little distracted. Just as Zhou Jing got up and went to the bathroom in the back room, Luo Qi glanced at Wen Liang unintentionally, with a hint of jealousy in her slightly demonic eyes, but it was quickly hidden under the flickering light.
“Young Master Wen, I forgot to mention just now that Zhou Jing’s father is the chairman of the CPPCC in Yishan County. She also has a classmate named Cui Buyan.”
Wen Liang was stunned for a moment and suddenly realized. No wonder he felt strange when he heard Zhou Jing talking about her graduation from Jiangdong and working in the Labor Bureau. It turns out that she is the culprit for whom Cui Buyan gave up his job at the top 500 and went to hang out in a small place like Yishan!
No, goddess!
After figuring this out, many things that I didn’t understand before suddenly became clear. Wen Liang slowly leaned on the sofa, crossed his legs, and patted his knees gently with his fingers. When he looked at Luo Qi again, his eyes suddenly became sharp, and he said indifferently: “Reason?” Luo Qi specifically asked Luo Qi
last time. Wen Liang asked Wen Liang if he would mind solving his personal problems in Yishan. Wen Liang felt strange at that time. Now that he thought about it, he should have found out that Cui Buyan was pursuing Zhou Jing hard and was drinking in Yishan. Working in a water company, being one of the people whom I trusted and planned to reuse could be sent to Germany to select new production lines, which was not the treatment of ordinary employees.
That’s why I came to Wenliang to lay the groundwork. Today is the official showdown. Zhou Jing has been chased. When Cui Buyan returns to China, please don’t pes