y.” Wen Liang joked casually. When he was out, these verbal polite words couldn’t be easier for him.

y.” Wen Liang joked casually. When he was out, these verbal polite words couldn’t be easier for him.
The boss’s wife’s slightly dark and beautiful face was still filled with a sense of shyness that is rare on this road, and said: “The relationship is good, but the eldest brother looks like a person who does big things. How can he really come here every day? Don’t take this You’ve come to fool me with your nonsense!”
/Wen Liang smiled and said nothing, but his words were a little embarrassing after that, so he found a seat by the window and sat down. Chang Cheng watched the landlady pouring tea quickly and said with a smile: “The landlady has a good eye. My boss is a distinguished guest that many five-star hotels can’t invite. Why don’t you give me a 20% discount when I come to eat at your place?”
Bai, the landlady . He glanced at Chang Cheng and said: “You rich people, you handle 18 million yuan every day, so you have to deduct our hard-earned money. But who told me to look down on your boss? I’ll get a 50% discount on this meal tonight.” , the lost money is mine!”
Chang Cheng said hello and said: “I know the boss lady is happy, just look at it, next time I pass by here, even if the boss is not hungry, I will drag him in for a meal! ”
You said it, if I see you entering another house, I will block the traffic and prevent you from leaving!”
After the landlady twisted her waist to leave, Wen Liang smiled and said, “Old Chang, you are very angry these days. How do you catch someone molesting whom? How about I meet Zhuo Min later and I report to her?”
Chang Cheng said with a bitter face: “Isn’t this a cowardice of being close to home? Isn’t it because I’m too nervous? I talk randomly when I’m nervous. The boss is so generous, please spare me this time!”
Wen Liang didn’t want to meet Reid, who replaced Lei Fang, in Shahe, so he made an appointment with Ning Xi at a four-star hotel in Dongming City. After some tender talk, they talked about the dispute over Jiangdong’s dock. Ning Xi had always been convinced of Wen Liang’s vision and vision. After a brief consideration, she agreed to set up a joint venture with Lingyang to develop the port. He who does not plan for the moment will not plan for the future. Although Hengsha Mining has just started, it will definitely make great progress in import and export trade in the near future. If it can be the first to invest in Lingyang Port, one of the largest ports in the Republic, the cost savings alone will be There is enough to build ten such piers.
“I’m out of town now and may not be able to get back.”
Wen Liang was already prepared to be yelled at by Xu Yao. Unexpectedly, there was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment. Xu Yao chuckled and said, “I know, you’ve been out a lot.” Take care of your health!”
/After hanging up the phone, Wen Liang sat blankly for a while. Since then, he has been spending less and less time on campus. He seems to be busy with endless things every day. He spends the morning in the capital and stays in the evening. Dongm