after leaving your father, you are not even as good as one of my fingers.”

after leaving your father, you are not even as good as one of my fingers.”
Gu Wenyuan was hard-pressed, gasping and saying word by word: “You, wait!”
Wen Liang stood up. Standing up, looking from Gu Wenyuan’s perspective, the tall figure, tough face, and clear and deep eyes seemed to reveal some kind of mystery silently. For a moment, Gu Wenyuan was in a trance.
“I’m waiting for you! Gu Wenyuan, from today on, you are no longer you, and I am no longer me!” After saying that, without looking at Gu Wenyuan’s resentful expression, he pulled Xu Yao away.
“Hey, silly boy, Gu Wenyuan’s family seems to be a bit powerful, you are like this” ”
It’s okay, his father is rich, could he still retaliate against me for a fight between children? At most, it’s just Gu Wenyuan who asked Mu Shanshan to lead They just came to beat me up, but when it comes to fighting, don’t you have a heroine?”
/“Haha, that’s true!”
The poor and tough girl was beaming with pride, not knowing that she was being dragged down by a wretched uncle. Got water.
“By the way, how do you know about Gu Wenyuan’s embarrassing incident during the spring outing? We are not in the same junior high school?” ”
I have a best friend who is a family friend of Gu Wenyuan’s family. I know all about that guy’s misdeeds! I forgot to tell you, my best friend , She’s a great beauty!”
After saying this, Xu Yao looked malicious. Wen Liang was so smart, as if she didn’t hear the following sentence of “great beauty”, she calmly said: “Gu Wenyuan and your best friend are family friends. , are you so rude to him? Be careful if your best friend finds out and blames you.”
“Hmph, I can’t stand Gu Wenyuan’s arrogance! Besides, he’s prettier than a woman. It’s disgusting!”
Wen Liang smiled bitterly and said nothing. Looking at the white clouds in the sky, he said quietly: “He has the capital to be arrogant, but it doesn’t matter.”
Soon, I will have it too! And can trample everything under your feet!
After breaking up with Xu Yao, Wen Liang saw Zuo Yuxi’s car going out and turning right, he thought for a moment and followed.
Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get closer to the young education director.
The last incident happened suddenly, and Wen Liang had to consider what powerful person Zuo Yuxi had offended, so he didn’t want to have too much contact with her. But after so long, she still holds the position of director, and nothing else has changed, which shows that the other party is still extremely afraid of her. This shows that Zuo Yuxi himself has a tough background that is not inferior to others.
In this case, it’s always good to meet him.