Rookie of the Month award is already a sure thing.

Rookie of the Month award is already a sure thing.
Jordan said this because he wanted to break the appointment!
No, he had to find an opportunity to increase his efforts.
/“Charles, who do you think will become the three-point contest champion?”
In the commentary box, the three TNT giants plus guest and former three-point contest champion Steve Kerr have begun their daily pre-game predictions.
“Ray, there is no doubt that he is already a historical three-point shooter.”
Barkley chose Ray Allen without hesitation.
“Why didn’t you choose Sun? He is the player who has hit the most three-pointers in the league this season. Is it because you lost all your previous bets with him?” ”
No, no, the great Sir Alex Barton is not that kind of person. You know the three-point contest requires a very strong psychological quality, that man is just a rookie.”
Barkley said stubbornly.
Both Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith were instantly amused.
Although Sun Hao is a rookie, he has already contributed many big goals.
Not to mention the previous ones, the three consecutive three-pointers in the overtime of yesterday’s rookie game brought people’s awareness of three-pointers to a new level.
“Steve, what do you think?”
Ernie Johnson turned to Cole and asked.
“I’m optimistic about Sun.”
Barkley turned to look at him.
“Don’t ask why, just ask the shooter’s intuition.”
Cole showed his excellent commentary talent.
Ernie Johnson and Smith also made their choices, and they were as optimistic about Sun Hao as Cole.
3 to 1.
Barkley is surrounded by a ring.
The commentator was talking eloquently, and the three-point contest on the court was about to begin.
The current three-point contest rules are the most original version, with five points, namely two bottom corners, two forty-five degrees and a top of the arc.
Each point has 5 balls, 4 ordinary balls and a flower ball, with a total score of 30 points.
The current three-point contest record is held by Cavaliers legend Mark Price with 24 points.
This record is quite terrifying. You must know that the 27 points Curry will score in the future will be based on the premise of a full score of 34 points. The two are not far behind.
Lewis is also a very interesting character.
His high school career was full of talent, averaging 28.2 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. He was selected to the All-American Team and scored 28 points in the McDonald’s All-American High School Game.
This performance has attracted enough attention from the NBA, and like Kobe, he chose to directly participate in the draft as a high school student.
Because he wanted to play for his hometown team Houston, and Houston held three first-round picks at the time, his draft prediction was the 14th pick in the first round.
As a result, he successfully entered the green room of that year’s draft.
However, this achievement made him nailed on the history board for a long time.
The Houston team didn’t select him with three picks in the draft, and he dropped all the way, until he wa