lity to understand things with just a few clicks and his excellent memory. He also taught him step by step how to use the pager and walkie-talkie.

lity to understand things with just a few clicks and his excellent memory. He also taught him step by step how to use the pager and walkie-talkie.
“Liangxiang is seven or eight miles away from Dinghu. Theoretically, you can call the Dinghu Police Station, and then call the Criminal Police Squadron through the Dinghu Police Station. However, the communication conditions are complicated now. If you go to the village or encounter bad weather, it will probably be affected to a certain extent. Good. There are telephones in every village, and you have a BP machine. You can basically contact us if you need anything.”
“Cheng Da, where is the gun? It seems that you didn’t give me bullets just now.”
“It’s useless to give bullets. It’s rusty, and there’s no hammer. Firing pin.” Cheng Renyou picked up the Type 54 pistol and pulled the slide several times but it didn’t move.
Han Bo asked in shock: “Is this a useless gun?”
/“Did you see it? It’s rusty and pitted, like it was dug out of the soil. It has been scrapped long ago. It’s troublesome to wear a good gun. If you lose it, your leader will have a hard time. It’s even harder to live with. It’s great to wear it. It can act as a deterrent at critical moments, and it won’t harm society if you lose it. If you reveal your identity, criminals will believe it even if you hold a fake gun. If you don’t reveal your identity, others will take a real gun. They all thought it was a fake.”
Han Bo was completely convinced, took the gun and said with a bitter smile: “I have a gun as soon as I go to work. I wonder why the leader is so relieved. It turns out he is a fake.” It’s a
good life, but he has to come to the Public Security Bureau to suffer. You asked for it.
Cheng Renyou joked: “Han Tepai, I think this gun is very good. It has a matte frosted surface and is trendy. It has a long history. Maybe it is a hero pistol.” “It is
very good. If you can’t find bricks, you can throw them out to hit people.”
Cheng Renyou took the cigarette and consoled him: “Liangzhuang is a bit far away, with inconvenient transportation and difficult conditions. Secretary Lu is vigorous and resolute, and working under him is indeed a bit stressful, but the public security in Liangzhuang is still good. Even if something happens, the leader will not What to say, after all, you are alone, and your energy is limited after all. Besides, you will not be allowed to stay there forever. You will be liberated as soon as Liangzhuang and Dinghu merge.” ”
Cheng Da, please stop comforting me. My former employer My colleague Xiao Dan is from Liangzhuang, and I know nothing about Liangzhuang. Liangzhuang is one of the few towns in the county that has no foreign debt. The salaries of cadres, teachers and retirees can basically be paid on time, and the burden on farmers is not very high compared to other towns. Heavy. Dinghu is heavily in debt. The town and village levels together owe more than 30 million in foreign debt, and the salaries of cadres and teachers have been in arrears for more than two years.