you want to go through it again?”

you want to go through it again?”
Before Li Yongsheng could say anything, a real person who came from the Shu Palace couldn’t stand it. La, “Master Liang, let’s stop here. The sound of all the blue bricks is the same, and the earth-shaking hammer has to be used elsewhere.”
Li Yongsheng was a little unhappy, “The sounds are all the same, so what?”
“Explain that there is no explanation below. Empty,” the real person said impatiently, “Master Li, when it comes to medical skills, you are second to none, but you should also understand these common sense.”
/Through this period of contact, people in the Shu Palace also know Well, the co-author is the famous Master Li.
“Wait a minute,” Master Fang spoke up, he spoke thoughtfully, “Don’t you hear it? The sound of hitting the ground here is different from the sound of hitting the ground outside.” ”
This is so rare, “The real person looked at him dumbfounded, “It’s open outside, but it’s closed inside. The weight outside is on the ground, but the ground inside is already underground. How can it be the same?”
Fang Zhenren immediately shut up and said When it comes to these things, he also has two swords.
“I’m surprised,” Li Yongsheng glanced sideways at this person, “The voices inside are the same, does that prove there is no secret passage?”
Chapter 925: Crown Prince? Treason!
Li Yongsheng’s retort attracted even stronger contempt.
The real person from Prince Shu’s Mansion spoke with disdain, “There is a secret passage below, and there is no secret passage below. The sound is different. This is how to use the earth-shaking hammer. You don’t even know this, right?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him indifferently, It was a look that looked at a retarded person. He looked at it for a long time, until the other person’s hair stood on end, and then he snorted, “You are so naive. What if this place is all empty?”
“It’s all empty. How is this possible?” He snorted disdainfully, “The place is so big, why?”
The weapons room is not only a closed space, but also goes deep underground. The sounds heard are different from the outside world and are incomparable.
Fang Zhenren’s eyes lit up, “You can dig a cellar of average size here.”
/Liang Zhenren was stunned for a moment, then jumped out and shouted, “Come here, demolish this house!” The
current Chaoan Security Bureau in the Shu Palace looks like the devils entering the village. Many places are destructive. inspection.
Doubt there is an article in the pond? Pump! Do you suspect the house has a mezzanine? Tear down the wall!
How big of a deal is it to demolish a small house?
Although the people in the Shu Palace were unwilling to do so, they could only watch silently – the prince had run away, who would dare to say that his family was innocent?
Several repairmen came over and demolished the house with just a few clicks, and then removed the floor, revealing the underground room.
Another person grabbed it a few times and roughly cleaned out the gravel and tiles inside, revealing the bluestone floor.
A repa