They are the calamity of karma that burns the heart and the calamity of evil that burns the heart.
Both kinds of calamities are aimed at the Taoist heart of the soul, as well as the destiny and destiny in the unknown.
The power of these two kinds of heart tribulations is extremely powerful.
Moreover, it is triggered from the inside out and is difficult to prevent.
It’s just that Zhang Jian’s innate soul is extremely powerful, and it is also protected by nine dragons, which can absorb immeasurable dragon energy and emperor energy. These two fires of heart calamity have not yet ignited, and they were immediately refined and destroyed by Zhang Jian.
The eyes of many immortal sect masters dropped when they saw this lightly described way of overcoming the tribulation.
Even many true immortals are envious of him.
The nine kinds of heart-burning tribulations are extremely difficult to deal with. What is tested is the Taoist heart, luck, and destiny, followed by the Taoist magic power.
This kind of calamity is extremely dangerous for true immortals. If you are not careful, your immortal soul will be burned and turned into ashes.
This also shows the tyranny of this Great Xia emperor.
/In the blink of an eye, six tribulations were passed in a row, and the seventh thunder catastrophe appeared immediately.
Boom! ! !
Above the sky, the heaven and earth shook, and the lines of the law of the infinite thunder avenue emerged. Even the portal to the heaven seemed a bit inferior among the many thunder lines, and billowing blood emerged from the void.
With these various thunder patterns appearing, many high-level monks wisely withdrew their spiritual consciousness to avoid “drawing thunder” to themselves and unknowingly become a member of the Tribulation.
At the same time, many high-level monks also warned the disciples around them to close their eyes and close their spiritual senses to avoid being contaminated by such terrifying thunder patterns and damaging the soul of the soul.
This wave of thunder has surpassed the stage of ordinary divine thunder.
/That is the final divine thunder.
There are many final divine thunders, but most of them contain the ultimate destructive power.
“Three-return magic-destroying divine thunder!”
In the distance, Ancestor Zidian had a strange look in his eyes. In the distance, Ancestor Qingyuan and Ancestor Exception also glanced at him.
The creator of the three-return magic-destroying divine thunder is the ancestor of Zidian.
This is a kind of thunder calamity that is superior to the Dao Fruit level immortal method. It contains part of the power of Thunder Dao and Dao Qi, and has the ultimate destruction and annihilation power.
This kind of thunder method was created by the ancestor of Zidian when he used a bit of pure oppression and annihilation power when the world was born and destroyed.
In order to enhance the power of this thunder method, he re-refined it three times with the Wangding magic method of Kiriyama Taoism, so he named it the Three-Return Destruction Divine Th