desire and greed, she twists her evil body, spits out disgusting snake bites, and bites the lifeblood of others, killing them. Inject the venom that someone sent to the dead end into it. “

After Liu Changan finished speaking, he sighed softly. In the final analysis, it was Su Mei who gave Tesla the chance. She was a victim in front of Tesla, but she was also a perpetrator in front of others.
He could be called a hateful person but had a pitiful point that was not enough to overturn the case. For Zhu Juntang’s sake, Liu Changan no longer argued with Su Mei, he just felt a little emotional.
What he wants to do more now is to go to Antarctica and rub Tesla into ashes.
“Why is talking the same as writing new poems and articles?” Qin Yanan could feel his brother’s disgust for Tesla and gently patted his chest, “But it’s so strange. Although the dreams are different, in the dream he had overnight The time, place and people are all the same.”
From the arm to the chest, it is a subtle leap, just like a man moving from touching his hand to holding his arms, it is an advancement. Qin Yanan was thinking about whether to use a point as a function on his chest: (x-a) 2+(y-b)2=r2, but Liu Changan held his finger.
He turned his head, and Qin Yanan couldn’t help but blush slightly when she saw the teasing look in his eyes. Even if he guessed something, there was nothing he could do if he didn’t admit it.
“Is there anything strange? Isn’t it Shangguan Dandan’s fault? You did it once last time you stayed overnight, and again last night! You really think I’m your toy, don’t you?” Liu Changan turned over, He held the mattress with one hand and looked at her with his eyes filled with the threat of punishing her.
Qin Yanan shivered in fear, and moved her hands closer to her chest, huddled together nervously, her body twisted uneasily, pouted slightly, and looked at her with aggrieved eyes full of water and moisture.
/“Miss Xiaonan is in her twenties this year. What’s wrong with wanting a toy?” Qin Yanan snorted, the blush on her cheeks spread, and climbed to her neck and turned into light pink, but it made it even more attractive, and her collarbone As her breathing slowly rose and fell, she turned her head away, not expecting anything to happen in this ambiguous and intimate moment. She had a dream last night, which was clear and satisfying.
Liu Changan rolled over her and wrapped her in several layers of quilts, making the scene in front of him resemble the scene in a Qing palace drama where the eunuch wrapped the concubine in a quilt to meet the emperor, and then walked out of the bedroom.
“Hey!” Qin Yanan was in embarrassment. A woman wearing imaginative pajamas came to hug her, but she was wrapped up like this. It was a bit unacceptable!
If she hadn’t already obtained his person and dissipated this frustration, it would have been an unforgettable shame and humiliation! It’s probably equivalent to some women who like to pretend to be drunk and then take the opportunity to propose sleeping with someone else, only to be sla