the broken leg has grown to the knee position.

Therefore, Wei Xiaobei decided to enter the gray world first and return the white imperial talisman to the City God’s Temple to avoid any trouble in the future.
Wei Xiaobei always has wine on hand. In the back compartment of the off-road vehicle, there are always more than two boxes of Cuihu’s ten-year cellar.
Four bottles that had been stored for ten years were placed on the coffee table. Wei Xiaobei opened the caps of the bottles one by one and poured them into the pipe one by one.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei fell into a deep sleep and his figure began to become transparent.
Wake up and look around.
Needless to say, we have entered the gray world. The living room has become extremely old, all electrical appliances and furniture are unusable, and the floor is covered with a layer of white ash.
/Only the footprints left by Wei Xiaobei were still there.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste too much time. He took off one leg of the coffee table and fixed it on the knee of the broken leg with a tree root. Then he moved around. Although he didn’t dare to use too much force, at least running should be fine. Big problem.
Wei Xiaobei did not open the door, and came to the window. He lightly touched the ground with his intact right leg and jumped out. Then he stood on the wall and ran downwards, only to land when he reached the ground.
With his leg broken, Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to do any fancy things. If he accidentally broke off the wooden stick under his knee, he would be in trouble.
Wei Xiaobei was relatively familiar with Baita County in the gray world. After identifying the direction, he ran towards the City God’s Temple.
There was no problem with running. The only problem was that the wooden legs made a loud banging sound on the ground, which echoed loudly in the quiet county town.
Because of this, before Wei Xiaobei could approach the City God’s Temple, a group of soldiers ran in front of him. They were the Yin soldiers under the City God’s Temple.
“He who comes is stopped!”
The leading Yin soldier shouted loudly at Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei came here to return the White Imperial Talisman, so it was naturally impossible for him to conflict with these evil soldiers, so he stopped when he heard the shouting.
“Who are you?”
Perhaps the news of the death of the patrolling City God soldiers and horses was sent back to the City God’s Temple. These Yin soldiers looked very nervous, holding their spears with both hands and staring at Wei Xiaobei. It seemed that if Wei Xiaobei made any movement, they would launch an attack. .
“I am Wei Xiaobei. I have something entrusted by your patrolling City God’s soldiers and horses. I wonder if you can take me to see your City God.”
Wei Xiaobei cupped his hands and said.
“The patrolling city god’s military envoy?”
Hearing this name, the Yin soldiers couldn’t help but darken their expressions. It was obvious that the patrolling city god’s envoy had a high prestige in the hearts of these Yin soldiers.
“Mr. Wei, please wait a moment.”