Hinayana technique. It is useful if it is useful, but it has nothing to do with the general trend.

Hinayana technique. It is useful if it is useful, but it has nothing to do with the general trend.
However, this is the wonder of things in this world. Dao Palace is willing to teach big cause and effect, but Dao Palace disdains to teach small cause and effect, and small forces do not want to teach it – if you are strong, I will be weak.
It is precisely because of this that it is a very rare phenomenon for these Middle-earth cultivators to be willing to teach each other secret techniques. This is also the relationship and trust that everyone has cultivated after fighting together for a long time.
Not to mention the three pillars of life, carrying a gun together is considered a pillar.
/They were making rapid progress here. Li Yongsheng was thinking about the Blood Demon, but it was not going well. The guy knew that the cultivator in front of him was not easy to mess with, and he was very afraid of him, but his resistance was also very strong.
Two days later at night, Baicao Shengxiang came to the camp and brought the latest news: There were more than 10,000 troops confronting the border between Ivan and China.
This was probably because Ivan knew that Li Yongsheng and the others had withdrawn from Rouran. They no longer had any worries, so they could approach the border and ask Rouran to give an explanation.
Even Ivan’s ordinary cultivators are flocking to the border. There are currently seven or eight thousand people, and the number will soon exceed 10,000.
The adventurers of Ivan Kingdom have always had the tradition of fighting with the army. Although they are not as good as Rouran’s army, those adventurers are a bit more ruthless than Ivan’s army.
They even dared to snatch the spoils of war from the army, but Rouran people did not have the courage.
/It stands to reason that in the current weather, a fight between the two countries is impossible, and the adventurers should also know this.
However, Li Yongsheng and others killed a little too harshly in Ivan, which aroused public anger in Ivan. A large number of family members of the dead and injured also rushed to the border, planning to take revenge.
As for the fact that we can’t fight in the winter, that doesn’t matter. Just wait until spring. Anyway, during this period, Ivan’s military and his teachers will provide a batch of supplies to help everyone survive the winter.
Baicao Shengxiang believes that this is not a good time to attack Tianshengyuan, and it is best to wait for some time.
When the number of Ivan’s adventurers exceeds 10,000, the binding force of Ivan’s country will definitely become less effective. If there is a conflict on the border, it will be easier to create the illusion that Ivan’s adventurers have crossed the border.
It would be even better if we could wait until it snows again. By then, the herdsmen in Tianshengyuan will definitely be hiding in their tents, and the news will not be easily spread, which will be more conducive to everyone’s fighting.
Baicao Shengxiang’s suggestion is a bit vicious. It doesn’t se