is blind and dares to cause trouble in Wenjiabao?”

is blind and dares to cause trouble in Wenjiabao?”
It was a middle-level real person.
He didn’t care. While he was still in the air, he transformed into a white sledgehammer and hit the Huyan family disciples in the fierce fight.
“Looking for death!” Seeing this, the usually good-tempered scholar Huyan immediately became angry. He shook his hand and rushed forward with a big mace, “Are you bullying the young? Come at me!” There was a
loud “boom”, and then he rushed forward. The real person who came immediately flew back more than twenty feet.
His face turned red, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. He paused for a moment, and after adjusting his energy, he spoke loudly, “Who is here? Emergency fireworks, this must be King Xiang’s spy!” Scholar Huyan heard this
! However, he put away his trump card and sneered, “You bully a small one, but you dare to spit on the emergency fireworks I’m waiting for you!”
Seeing that there were real people coming, Wenjiabao’s side did not dare to continue the fight. , so he broke away from the battle and looked at the other party’s group with eager eyes.
Emergency fireworks were set off, and not long after, another seven or eight people arrived, including two real people and the others were cultivators.
These two real people were both beginners, but they were not afraid of the high-level Scholar Huyan at all. One of them asked in a deep voice, “Why are you from Western Xinjiang coming to my Yuzhou?”
/Scholar Huyan glanced at him and snorted coldly, “You take out the official documents from the Military Service Department or the Criminal Apprehension Department and ask me again. You are not worthy of talking to me!”
This is not a question of whether you are worthy or not.” A junior real person sneered, “If you can’t tell me your history, then you have no choice but to keep them all!”
“Huh?” Seeing this, Gongsun Weiming jumped directly into the air and said with a half-smile, “Which grandson is going to stay?” Get off me?”
Upon seeing this, Zhang Muzi also jumped into the air, “I, the North Pole Palace, rarely walk in the world of mortals. I really don’t know how famous Wenjiabao is.”
Master Ding Jing directly showed the Xuannv Palace flag, He said coldly, “Let the person responsible for Wenjiabao get out, otherwise, I don’t mind a bloodbath for a small family!”
When the three real people on the other side saw this, they were dumbfounded: This group of people , who is it that there are so many real people?
What particularly frightened them was that there were people from the Arctic Palace and the Xuannv Palace inside, and the people from the Xuannv Palace even claimed to want a bloodbath.
Seeing this, the middle-level master hurriedly held up his hands, “I have seen Master Shanggong. We stopped the road to check because”
“Stop talking nonsense,” Ding Qingyao waved her hand and spoke calmly, “Are you in charge of Wenjiabao?”
” Master Qizhen, I am not in charge,” the master replied in fear, “But” ” Get out!” Ding Qingyao slapped the man in the air and