ter thinking it through.

I personally suggest that you first collect as many supplies as possible to complete the tasks assigned above. In the end, there was really no choice but to take the army and serve in the frontline army.
/Money and food are, after all, external things. Even if you have depleted your wealth now, you can still save it again in the future.
Life is your own.
Especially for some families with few heirs, once you die on the front line, the family fortune you have worked so hard to accumulate can only be used at an advantage to others. ”
Hudson persuaded him earnestly.
If the gap is small, it will be enough to help advance the payment. But the current situation is obviously not right, someone actually messed it up as soon as they came up.
Then there is no choice but to follow the rules. Everyone has a responsibility to fight against the orcs. If you have money, give money, if you have food, give food. If you have nothing, give life.
The atmosphere in the ceremony suddenly became tense. The nobles who originally wanted to win over suddenly found that the reasons they had prepared were actually so ridiculous.
Difficulties are indeed worthy of sympathy. But the problem is that everyone is having difficulties now. The nobles responsible for raising supplies had a difficult time, and the nobles fighting on the front line had an even greater difficulty.
“Dear Viscount Hudson, the supplies in our hands cannot last long at all. We cannot let the people of our territory starve in order to complete the mission!
I wonder if you have any countermeasures that can help us tide over the difficulties? ”
Baron Sanchez asked expectantly.
After such a reminder, everyone realized that today’s meeting is to discuss countermeasures and tide over the difficulties together.
Facing the expectant looks of everyone, Hudson shook his head directly and said helplessly: “It turns out that I only knew that everyone had difficulties, but I didn’t expect that the difficulties would be so great.
To tell you the truth, even if the mountain leader wants to complete the task, it is extremely difficult, and I have to find a way to fill the holes.
There is insufficient food in the mountainous areas, and among various strategic materials, only iron production is abundant. According to regulations, 150,000 pounds of good iron must be provided every month to complete the task.
I believe you all know that even based on normal prices, the value of so much good iron is more than five thousand gold coins.
/At this time, if you sell it outside, it wouldn’t be surprising if the price doubles.
The cost of iron smelting has always been high. Even if the cost of ore and coal is not taken into account, just eating, drinking and sleeping on thousands of miners is a huge expense.
I cannot bear such a heavy financial burden. In order to reduce expenses, we can only undertake some forging tasks and reduce some expenses.
The situation in mountainous areas is special and it is impossible for everyone to follow suit. But you can also deve