pany first experienced internal worries under the premise of losing 200 billion in liquidity. Originally, as long as there was a new president, this kind of internal worries could be overcome after some time.

After all, Batu Energy Company’s minerals and fixed assets are the most important part of its capital structure. As long as this area does not collapse, there will be no problems at all.
However, the media’s involvement greatly damaged the credibility of Batu Energy Company, causing it to be involved in a large number of lawsuits and causing external troubles.
These internal and external troubles have prevented Batu Energy Company from applying for loans from banks. At the same time, the weak Batu Energy Company has also become the prey of other very large companies. How could other very large companies let go of this opportunity?
While the police were still investigating the massacre, Batu Energy Company continued to lose wealth, transforming from a very large company to a large company, with its assets plummeting in just a few days.
Ludwig Chaofan also returned from the Guardian Planet. By the time he returned, Batu Energy Company had already shrunk by more than half.
Even with Ludwig’s extraordinary abilities, he was powerless.
At this time, Batu Energy Company was no longer able to support Ludwig’s extraordinary efforts. The resources required by Ludwig’s extraordinary efforts were simply not what Batu Energy Company could afford at this time.
Since then, Batu Energy Company has truly become an ordinary large company, and due to a large number of lawsuits, many assets have been frozen, and even large companies may not be able to save it.
/David was sitting in the living room of the villa, watching a host talking about him in the video projection.
Although a lot of words like “maybe” are used in this, the audience can see from it the rapid decline of Batu Energy Company, and the mastermind behind it is David.
David was also famous before, but those famous were only among a small and specific group of people, just like the range of soldiers in the star field.
/But as the report deepened, this public opinion storm also implicated him.
He became the hero who bravely resisted a powerful opponent for revenge. This kind of story of being hunted down, counter-killing, and successfully retaliating against the forces behind him is what the audience likes the most.
David turned off the video projection and thought about it before turning on the ID bracelet.
“Attorney Macaulay, there have been false reports about me in the news recently. I hope you can take over the matter!” David said in a deep voice.
“Mr. David, I happen to have evidence collected at the scene. You are innocent and have been implicated. I will definitely find justice for you!” Barrister Macaulay said with conclusive evidence.
In fact, of all people, these lawyers were the only ones who believed David was innocent.
It is because of the evidence at the scene that all of these evidences show that there is no possibility that David was inv