birds when he had nothing to do, into deep space together.

During this period of time, everyone else has been very busy. It seems that Mingxue is relatively free. He is carrying a bird cage to maintain health and investigating livestock investment. Maybe he can be involved.
He couldn’t speak before, because these were sect-level figures who couldn’t give orders, but now that they are familiar with them, no matter whether they work or not, he wanted to give it a try.
“What, the Netherblood Sect Ancestor left with Fang Xianzi, Zhang Daoling, and Demon Lord seven days ago?” Wang Xuan was shocked. After leaving seclusion, he actually heard such news from Chen Yongjie.
Wang Xuan was a little confused by Lao Chen’s words. The sudden departure of the four powerful men made him uncomfortable. The time they spent together was quite pleasant, but they left suddenly like this.
“What clue is it that makes the four peerless masters pay so much attention to it and sneak into the depths of the universe?” Wang Xuan was lost in thought.
“They didn’t even leave a word behind. They left in such a hurry, which was really surprising.” Chen Yongjie didn’t have a clue.
“The four of them have been away for a week. I have to be on tight alert!” Wang Xuan said to himself. Those people knew that he had a special location and didn’t want to see anything happen to him.
Recently, the four masters had sheltered him for a period of time, intentionally or unintentionally. There were one or two people near the city where he lived every time, but now they have all withdrawn!
/If it wasn’t too urgent or the situation was very serious, they might not do this.
Nothing happened in the next few days, the old land was peaceful, the extraordinary people followed the tentative new covenant, and no one violated the five principles.
The houses destroyed by Zheng Yuantian were rebuilt, and the dry reed lake was restored, with sparkling waves reflecting a large moon.
Wang Xuan was standing on the grass, looking up at the stars. Suddenly, he noticed an abnormality. His inner scene was about to open automatically. It gradually opened without him entering a super-sensory state!
First, a gap appeared, and then the entrance began to expand. Then, there was a flash of light inside. It was different from before, something appeared!
But why does his scalp feel numb? Something is wrong, the interior locations are out of control, tonight is so abnormal!
The interior scene opened automatically, the gap became wider and wider, and wisps of purple mist and silver light came out from inside. Is this a material close to reality? It’s different from before!
The moonlight poured down on the reed lake and the lawn. Wang Xuan felt uneasy and stood quietly, with no urge to enter the interior location.
The God-Slaying Flag was secretly activated by him, hidden in the Life Earth, surrounded by a faint red substance. It was destructive energy. He would launch a shocking blow at any time!
This is very abnormal. Why did the interior scene suddenly open?
It’s not cause