the deceitful person named Wang is the one he scolds the most!”

“I also remember that this face is very unforgettable.”
“He is not from the same family as the person named Wang, but he is one of our own!”
/“It’s strange. I remember that he also has a young lady with demon cultivator blood. Why didn’t I see anyone?”
“It’s no wonder he was ambushed by Wang’s men.”
Hearing the discussion of the younger brothers and younger sisters, the elder brother looked happy, put away the broken sword and said in his hand: “I was rude before, don’t blame me, you are really ambushed by evil people, we are already frightened.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
Lu Bei glanced at the four injured numbers, put away the black gold straight knife he was holding tightly, and returned the greeting: “I heard from you, you were ambushed, or was it the treacherous villain named Wang, are you serious?”
“Of course it’s true.”
The elder brother smiled bitterly and said: “We followed the leader into the ruins. We encountered traps along the way and suffered heavy casualties. We finally rushed in and were ambushed and attacked by someone named Wang. The four of us retreated while walking and lost contact with the leader. ”
“Alas, Ding was ambushed secretly like everyone else. He kept walking around, and when he turned around he couldn’t find the lady.”
Lu Bei sighed and shook his head, and made a friendly application to the four of them to form a team: “There are many dangers in the tunnel. You are looking for the leader, and I am looking for the lady. Why don’t we all go together?”
“It’s okay, but” the four of them looked at each other, and the elder brother looked embarrassed.
“But it doesn’t matter.”
“The strength of the four of us is low. We fought several battles in a row and ran out of healing elixirs. If Senior Brother Ding has some extra, please help me. We will be very grateful.” The elder brother said with shame.
“What did I think it was? It turned out to be healing medicine. The four of us are injured and unable to move. We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. Ding will help if he can.” Lu Bei said nothing and took out three bottles of pills. The medicine was handed over.
Blood-enhancing pills, Qi-enhancing pills, and hemostatic pills are essential basic pills for home travel. When he left Dasheng Pass, he found a lot of them in the pill room, and the supply was sufficient.
“Thank you, Senior Brother Ding.”
“Little things, little things.”
The four of them took the elixir and sat quietly for a while. Although their injuries were not healed, their faces looked much better. After getting up, they thanked Lu Bei profusely.
There was no need to repay the kindness, so the elder senior brother took the lead in exploring the way, and the two junior brothers stood behind, leaving the safest middle position to Lu Bei and his junior sister.
A very handsome little junior sister, although she is much worse than Bai Jin, She Zhang and the like, but she is invincible because of her youth. Her face is slightly pale due to blood loss, and her sic