of up to one hundred thousand volts.

In the blink of an eye, the mammoth beast’s body went limp. Of course, considering the mammoth beast’s powerful vitality, a hundred thousand volts of electric current can paralyze it, but it is still a bit difficult to kill it.
But in front of Wei Xiaobei, the mammoth beast’s powerful vitality was a joke.
/The black and silver sword was withdrawn and struck again. Following the scars caused by the previous sword, the mammoth beast was beheaded in an instant!
Well, Wei Xiaobei had collected the genes of this mammoth beast before, so after the mammoth beast was beheaded, Wei Xiaobei ignored it and allowed the mammoth beast to melt quickly, forming a pool of sticky flesh and blood compound. things.
Got 1500 evolution points!
Of course, for Wei Xiaobei, the most important thing is to kill the mother nest.
As Wei Xiaobei rushed into the mother’s nest, there was a sound of a big knife chopping flesh and blood. In less than twenty seconds, the mother’s nest, which was completely destroyed from the inside, suddenly collapsed.
Got 1000 evolution points!
All three brood nests have been destroyed by Wei Xiaobei.
After rushing out from the flesh and blood of the collapsed mother nest, Wei Xiaobei rushed towards the males who were busy mining.
After all the broods were destroyed, these males were the Zerg’s only hope.
As mentioned before, male worms can transform and build any structure of the Zerg, from mother nests to ground thorns and even space pillars.
Of course, this requires sufficient resources.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei thought that all the male insects had escaped at first, but when he arrived near the crystal mine, he found that these little guys were hiding.
If you don’t say anything, just beat them on the ground and kill them one by one.
After killing several males, the remaining males emerged from the ground like wasps that had stabbed a hornet’s nest, and rushed towards Wei Xiaobei. At the same time, they sprayed out a sour-smelling juice from their mouths, which seemed to be corrosive. , but it was of no use to Wei Xiaobei.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei saved a lot of trouble. The male came to die on his own, and with a few slashes of the black and silver sword, a large area of ??the male died.
After killing those male bugs, Wei Xiaobei’s next target was those buildings or higher-level bugs. After killing these guys, he would gain quite a lot of evolution points.
The number ranges from seven to eight hundred, and ranges from two to three hundred. Even the advanced flying dragon tower provided Wei Xiaobei with 2,000 evolution points.
However, Wei Xiaobei didn’t last long in reaping the benefits. When he had about 6,000 evolution points, the human base seemed to notice something was wrong with the Zerg base, and the sound of cannons immediately spread towards this direction.
It has to be said that the mechanical tanks in the human base are indeed a sharp weapon against the Zerg. As the artillery fire spreads, everything it passed, whether it was buildings or the Ze