n Liang sighed, unable to control the sequelae of his lower body, which was always so painful.

n Liang sighed, unable to control the sequelae of his lower body, which was always so painful.
When I saw Huang Mei in the office, I found out that Ye Yuting had come to the school and was still talking in the principal’s office. Wen Liang thought for a while, then turned around and left. He first went to the only printing room at the school gate to explain some matters, and then rushed to class to catch up with the last politics class in the afternoon. Mr. Xu, who teaches politics, is in his forties. He is usually rigid and unsmiling. He always shines the light of the truth of Marxism-Leninism when he speaks, but never cries out about imperialism. Although Wen Liang was very thoughtful, when she saw it was him, she stood outside the door and hesitated for a moment, then finally gritted her teeth and pushed the door open.
“Huh?” Teacher Xu pushed his eyes and glanced over with sharp eyes, “Wen Liang, what have you been doing? Why are you back to class now?”
Wen Liang knew that with his personality, there would be endless quarrels. , did not answer, rushed to the podium, grabbed his arm, and said: “Teacher Xu,”
before Wen Liang finished speaking, the class was immediately in an uproar. In 1995, the Ministry of Education had not introduced strict measures to stop the phenomenon of corporal punishment on campus. , teachers also possess great majesty and intimidation, and it is rare to see someone who dares to grab a teacher’s arm in public. In view of Wen Liang’s current reputation as little better than a bedbug, Zhang Tianqi immediately stood up and said loudly: “Wen Liang, let go!”
With someone taking the lead, there were several male classmates who couldn’t deal with Wen Liang or had an excessive sense of justice. They all stood up, and the sound of stools and tables colliding with each other kept making a crackling sound:
“Don’t let go yet? If you dare to hit the teacher, if you can, hit one and see if you can!” This guy was obviously fanning the flames and had bad intentions, so Wen Liang took aim at him. Just one glance, little one. I’ll settle the score with you after this.
“Wen Liang, if you have something to say, please calm down first!” This man actually meant well.
“That’s right, don’t think it’s okay to hit us. If you dare to hit the teacher, you will be left with nothing to eat.” The speaker was Li Yang, the only boy in Class 3 who was spanked by Wen Liang. It is understandable that he said such sour words.
For a moment, the conversation was boiling and the crowd was surging. Only then did Wen Liang have time to say the next sentence: “I have something to discuss with you.”
Teacher Xu is indeed a proven Marxist-Leninist warrior. Wen Liang grabbed his arm and frowned. Without even frowning, he said, “Is it an emergency?”
Wen Liang nodded. Teacher Xu looked at his expression carefully and walked directly to the door. The few people who stood up were dumbfounded and looked at each other a little awkwardly. Zhang Tianqi said, “Ahem, everyone, please sit down. It’s okay. Sit down!”