i sat on the sofa with a novel in his hand, watching Xio walk to the hall and put on his boots for going out.

“There’s no need to be so hasty, that gentleman didn’t release the investigation mission so quickly.” Finally, Forsi couldn’t hold back his doubts and said.
Xio glanced at her and said:
“I’m a bounty hunter and I have other tasks.”
At this point, she paused and said hesitantly:
“Forsi, have you ever felt that Miss Justice looks a lot like Miss Audrey?”
Forsi was stunned for several seconds before coming back to his senses. He subconsciously waved his hand and said with a smile:
“How can it be……”
Before she finished speaking, similarities flashed through her mind, and her eyes opened wider and wider.
After a while, she whispered:
“It’s not impossible.
/“‘Audience’ path, psychological alchemy, noble lady, blond hair and blue eyes… Among the nobles I know, she is the only one who meets the conditions… Of course, there are more nobles I don’t know, and even those I know, they don’t Let me know if they are related to the Psychic Alchemy Society…”
After Xiu quietly listened to his friend’s words, he thought about it and said:
“Forsi, do you remember the tasks that Miss Audrey entrusted to us? I originally thought this came from Earl Hall’s instruction, but now that I think about it, maybe it came from, um, the party…
“Also, how do we know Mr. Fool’s honorary name? Do you still remember? The book we borrowed from Viscount Gray Lint! There is an ancient piece of paper hidden in its cover!”
Forsi nodded suddenly:
“We can find out, and Miss Audrey, who is a good friend of Viscount Gray Lint, may also find out! This can explain why she can join the party…”
“Yeah.” Xio agreed with Forsi’s guess.
Forsi opened her mouth and was about to say something more when she suddenly remembered the attempted surveillance by the Vampire Clan. She quickly glanced left and right cautiously and said:
“Hugh, we usually try to talk as little as possible about party-related matters.
“Miss Audrey, uh, we will meet once a week or two, and then we will observe.”
He took a break to wake up, nodded heavily and said:
She immediately opened the door and went out, all the way to a bar in the East District, and sat down at the bar.
Knocking on the table, she said to the bartender who raised her head:
“What new tasks do you have today?”
The bartender gave a brief summary, but did not say that anyone wanted to investigate a Mr. Ernest Boyar.
Sure enough, we have to wait until tomorrow… Xio looked around, looked away, and asked with a little doubt and concern:
“I haven’t seen Sherman for a long time. Do you know where he went?”
It was a young man who believed he should be a woman and was one of Hugh’s informants.
The bartender chuckled and said:
“Maybe he ran away with some man. You know, as long as a man likes him, he is always happy.”
“This is not something worthy of discrimination.” Xio retorted seriously, feeling a little worried for no reason.
/She put her hands up and jumped off the high stoo