, he was a human soul, and his soul obsession was inherently stronger, more thorough, and purer than that of alien souls. , and the second is that he has also eaten the food of obsession for more than a year in the fantasy land. The soul strength even exceeds that of ordinary true demon level experts, and his strength is even higher than Zhang Heng.

During this brutal killing process, he also encountered several crises. The most dangerous one was when he was chased by a true demon-level soul hunter from the Centaur tribe for more than ten days. He also hid and escaped several times along the way, but he also With the support of great luck, he narrowly escaped death several times. Not only did he not kill him, but it made him miss his sister and the friends who had always been by his side during the crisis. He always thought that he was the only one. The person has woken up, and his friends and relatives must be frozen together. If he dies, his sister and his friends may remain frozen, so he needs to solve the problem. them, he wants to protect them
With such a strong obsession, and also missing his sister, that kind of attachment, that kind of protective mood, in the end, under the pressure of the centaur true demon-level soul person, he was actually promoted during the war, reaching the level of After reaching the true demon level, he finally mastered his unique aura field, attachment, and he didn’t know if there was a master in the dark. He also got a handful in the hands of this centaur true demon level soul. His real name is Natural Weapon, and his real name is Secret Spear – Nostalgia, which coincides with his aura field attribute.
As a result, his murderous intention has become more and more serious. This journey is a history of blood and tears of alien races, but why does he care about this? Let alone a foreign race, it was a human standing in front of him. If it blocked his goal, he would be killed. He was Yang Dingtian, not Pei Jiao!
With a strong heart, he only protects his relatives and partners, and only cares about his relatives and partners. How can he care about other people?
/Just like that, he kept heading west based on the location of his sister in his spiritual sense. Speaking of it, it might be the spiritual sense in his blood. He couldn’t feel it to others, but For some reason, he had a clear sense of his sister’s location. He started from the ruins of Beijing and arrived in the Middle East, but he felt weaker and weaker. This made him very anxious. But he didn’t know if the ice that had frozen his sister was broken, or if there was something else wrong.
Because of this, he was delayed for more than ten days in the desert area of ??the Middle East, and finally found a large sand lizard tribe. Only then did he find this adult giant sand lizard. Although the lizardmen of the sand lizard tribe took it It is called a dragon, and it is called an earth dragon. It is a giant war beast kept in captivity by the Sand Lizard Tribe. However, Yang Dingtian just wanted to find a tool to travel in the dese