this moment, the crimson fire burst violently, and the chaos membrane also cracked. The dozen or so Suzakus rushed straight up from it, followed behind everyone and continued to rush upwards. , the distance between the two sides has been shortened by more than half. At this moment, everyone has just reached the height of several floors, and is at least several hundred meters away from escaping from the Easter Island underground base.

At this moment, the other four people also discovered that something was wrong. They had already discovered that their relatives were not far away and were also wrapped in fresh air. However, this was not the time to talk about love. They saw a dozen Suzakus chasing after them below. It was very obvious. They wanted to catch them all in one fell swoop, but Xue Na was running away more obviously. At that moment, they didn’t dare to say anything more. Zhang Heng first took out his laser bow and raised it. The longbow shot out a few laser arrows.
Xue Na turned her back to everyone, but she didn’t know how she saw all this, and immediately shouted loudly: “No, don’t use energy-based attacks, otherwise you will just feed the opponent again.”
/But the words came too late. Those laser beams had already shot into the group of Suzakus, and were immediately pecked by the beaks of several Suzakus. They were divided and eaten by several Suzakus like birds eating insects. Suddenly these few The body of the Suzaku seemed to have grown a lot bigger immediately, and Zhang Heng was so frightened that he did not dare to make any more attacks.
Xue Na suddenly woke up, and she quickly said: “Yes, self-destruction. You have self-destructed all your natural weapons. This self-destruction attack is not an energy attribute, but a soul-type attack. It should be able to stop these Suzakus from continuing. Chase us, hurry up!”
/Everyone looked at each other strangely for a moment. Natural weapons, not to mention their preciousness, were already running for their lives. No matter how precious they were, they couldn’t compare to their own lives and the lives of their relatives. But there was only one question, what should be done? Can these natural weapons self-destruct? The only way that everyone knows now is that Yang Dingtian’s special ability can destabilize obsession food, but it cannot directly affect natural weapons.
After Xue Na finished speaking, she keenly noticed that there was no movement among the people behind her. She was very angry at that moment. They were reluctant to part with a few natural weapons that didn’t even have real names. They had worked so hard to refine Hetuluo. They already don’t want the book, but they can’t bear to part with it? At that moment, she couldn’t help but want to leave these people behind. They were just human beings anyway, and she loved them to death. However, she immediately understood the reason why they were silent, and immediately shouted again: “You guys fill up the aura field.” In the natural weapons, you can find the natural runes through careful inductio