d, but also related to his ultimate goal for this year. :

Attack Qu Daddy!
Lin Yuan will be extremely safe in anything that involves the final goal of this year. For this reason, he can even overcome his recent laziness. How about letting the shadow also take action?
After all, he needs to be stable.
/The fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” is a work full of magnificent imagination. The protagonist Alice is a cute little girl. When she was bored, she discovered a talking white rabbit with a pocket watch. In order to catch up Looking at it, Alice accidentally fell into a rabbit hole and fell into the magical underground world.
in this world.
If you drink a sip of water, you will shrink to the size of a mouse. If you eat a piece of cake, you will become a giant. If you eat the right side of the same piece of mushroom, you will become shorter, and if you eat the left side, you will grow taller. In this world, it seems that everything you eat has it. eccentric.
She also encountered numerous strange creatures:
For example, the Dodo, Bill the Lizard, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, the Dormouse, the Mock Turtle, the Gryphon, the Ugly Duchess, etc., and of course the Mad Hatter mentioned in “Once Upon a Time”.
in addition.
She also met a whole deck of playing cards in the big garden behind a small door. Among the cards were the rude Queen of Hearts, the good old King of Hearts, and the lively Jack of Hearts.
Very imaginative.
It is said that children’s imagination is endless. Even if Lin Yuan only publishes novels, children can make up all kinds of images in their own minds. But if Shadow participates in the whole process and draws the illustrations of this work, it will provide a better environment for the characters in it. The characters are designed to fit everyone’s imagination and fantasy, which will definitely make this fairy tale more attractive to children!
That being the case.
Come shadow, too.
Lin Yuan was suddenly speechless.
Does this count as digging a hole for yourself?
Obviously he chose “Alice in Wonderland” to be lazy, but in the end he became even busier because of it, and he didn’t steal any free time. He even had to link up with the two vests of Xianyu and Shadow. .
It’s like he clearly doesn’t want to fight with Wenwen, but in the end he can even eat melons on his own head.
/All kinds of things backfire.
After temporarily dispelling the laziness factor in his body, Lin Yuan cheered himself up, and then went to the studio to start writing. While writing the Alice series of novels, he also started painting the characters in the novels.
Lin Yuan writes novels, and every time he writes a novel, he draws a few pictures, looking very busy.
Kaneki, who was watching from the side, nodded repeatedly.
The boss is very motivated!
Work hard again!
And hardworking!
Good writer!
Jin Mu already knew about Bun Dou.
Jin Mu is very happy about this. Firstly, it is because of his strong confidence in Chu Kuang’s writing ability. Secondly, because of the significance of this matter. Jinm