heart he was really contemptuous. After severely injuring the woman and capturing her alive, he threw her 500 miles away and hit her near Yanque.

Originally, he wanted to let him vent his anger, but he let him go. This made Wang Xuan feel a sense of crisis. He did not kill the woman that day, leaving some flaws.
/“What kind of dog?” Yanque asked, feeling unfamiliar and confused about some of Wang Xuanmu’s words.
“Tian Gou, sweet dog. To put it simply, your ideals are very sweet, your ears are too soft, you are unwilling to change the status quo, and you lack the courage to leave your comfort zone.” Wang Xuan said expressionlessly.
“That’s right, that’s the kind of woman who keeps her for the Chinese New Year. She should be cut in two on that day and her body destroyed.” Qi Miao nodded, hating that iron cannot become steel.
Yanque sighed: “She comes from the Hedao Sect, a behemoth with an extremely long heritage and is famous in the entire extraordinary world. She is a direct descendant of the three elders of the sect.”
If he really wanted to kill Liu Guang, he was afraid that everyone present would be in big trouble.
At this time, even Hong Teng, who had the toughest and toughest temper, changed his expression, let alone anyone else.
Cai Wei frowned and said: “It’s the Hedao Sect? That’s an outsider. It can shake the sea of ????stars and make the co-owners deeply afraid and unwilling to mess with it.”
“Outsiders?” Wang Xuan asked. Although he had a guess, he was not sure and wanted to find out.
Although Wang Xuan wanted to quit, he still did not leave immediately because some scriptures had not yet been obtained. For example, “Nine Transformations of Feathering” and “Atlas of Yuanshen” are top extraordinary scriptures that have been tested over time and have been highly praised by ancient sages and strangers.
The Nine Transformations of Feathering can enhance the potential of living beings. Wang Xuan began to take the road of becoming a Taoist in the realm of true immortals, and he broke the limit many times. Although he believed that his Taoist source would not be exhausted in advance, he had to guard against it. .
Therefore, he is determined to obtain scriptures such as “Nine Transformations of Feathering”. As long as there are secret books of this type, he will collect them in the future to replenish his resources. The more the better.
The “Atlas of Yuanshen” is also very amazing. It records all kinds of powerful Yuanshen in history. Practicing this scripture can promote the benign transformation of one’s own Yuanshen.
Before leaving, Wang Xuan prepared to obtain these two scriptures.
Ascension Star, the name of the main city is: Fairy City.
It sounds very fairy-like, and the intuitive imagination is that it is classical, transcendent, and transcendent. It is probably filled with fairy spirit, auspicious birds flying, and auspicious light shining everywhere.
But what you can see from the real fairy city is not that at all.
/The fairy city is very large, with skyscrapers everywhere. It is very moder