e come in.”

In front of Wang Meng and Wan’er was a flaming horse. It was really tall and mighty. Among other things, riding such a horse to pick up girls was quite cool.
“How about it? You’re handsome. We are destined. It was originally one hundred and twenty, but now we put it all together. I only need one hundred coins, and you can take it!” Buck Teeth San said cheerfully.
“Master, this horse is not good, the flames are leaking out. Moreover, it is of low quality and only superficial.”
Wan’er said hesitantly.
“Little girl, you can eat randomly, but you can’t talk nonsense. This horse was caught with great difficulty in the Taibai Mountains. We lost two people!”
Buck Teeth San snorted coldly.
“What a nice horse, but I don’t have enough money.”
“How many do you have?”
“I only have one hundred copper coins.” Wang Meng shrugged helplessly.
“What, you bastard, you’re cheating me, get out of here, get out of here!”
Buck Teeth San is furious. Damn, he’s just a show-off guy, wasting his breath.
Wang Meng and Wan’er were kicked out, “Master, if you like”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “That’s just a bad horse, with a little fire magic, it’s only worth a hundred copper coins.”
Bucktooth San took down the saddle and put it away, and the flames disappeared immediately. He kept muttering about wasting his true energy.
There is a fire spell attached to the saddle to create such an effect. The method used to deceive Wang Meng was really a trick.
Wang Meng turned around and found that most of the True Essence Beasts here were beautiful and fun. What he needed was the relatively pure fire of the Five Elements, and I’m afraid he had to get it himself.
Wan’er is still a child at heart, and it’s probably rare for her to be so relaxed and play, touching this and that.
Wang Meng smiled knowingly, let her play there, and entered the Soul Controlling Club.
“Sir, what do you need?”
The deacons of the Soul Controlling Association still know how to read people. One look at this person’s clothes. He’s just a stupid rich guy.
“I want to buy some demon binding rope, preferably of level three or above.”
“Sir, that’s called the Immortal Binding Rope. We can only buy it here. Please come inside.”
The deacon immediately shouted at the top of his lungs.
Wang Meng couldn’t laugh or cry. It seems that there is a monopoly everywhere, which is called Baoxian.
/“Dear guest, how much do you want? If it’s more, I can give you a favorable discount!”
The deacon who received Wang Meng was in his thirties, felt more comfortable, and had a better attitude.
“One hundred dollars in a bundle.”
Immediately, Master Wang was stunned. He knew that the bundle here only meant twelve sticks and one hundred dollars. Wang Meng still had some, but it was really not much. Throw away those damn underwear and so on. Wang Rencai really didn’t give it. He didn’t want to be so depressed that he had to borrow money from the Jiang family.
“Ahem, that’s it. Where’s the ordinary demon binding rope?”
“This is cheap, one hundred copper coins is enough. How muc