est stood side by side. The overall layout of the Yin and Shang Dynasties was a “cross”.

There are five passes in the west, Youhun Pass in the east, Sanshan Pass in the south, and Chentang Pass in the north.
On paper, Xiqi has not yet rebelled, and is still submissive. There are five dangers of rebellion, and it is the smallest threat among the four places.
/In the remaining three sides, the two tigers in the north are fighting among themselves, and they all surrender to Chao Ge, so there is not much threat. The thirty-six princes in the east seem to be in trouble, but in fact, Xia Chong Yubing can’t stay around for long, and there is no threat at all.
Only E Chongyu in the south, it’s time to send troops to attack.
Wen Zhong came out and offered to lead the army to quell the chaos. All the generals were dissatisfied. The old master was old and had just returned from Beihai. He should have a good rest at home.
The implication is that you are a great master, a highly respected minister, and you are still young. You have made enough achievements, so why not give the opportunity to young people and give the big guys a chance to perform?
/Wen Zhong was dissatisfied, how pitiful he was. These days in Chaoge City, he was on tenterhooks. The demon girls he saw coming and going were either masters or uncles. After some inquiries, he found out that his king had become the second leader of Jie Jiao, and his status was higher than that of his third-generation disciple. A full two generations older.
Even his master Jin Ling Sheng Sheng would respectfully call him the leader when she saw the king.
The second leader is also the leader. There is nothing wrong with removing the second and calling the leader directly.
Wen Zhong couldn’t eat or sleep well. Every time he saw Lu Bei, he felt extremely stressed and didn’t know how to address his king correctly.
Even if Chao Ge doesn’t wait for this coward, he will send troops to quell the rebellion and fight for another ten years!
Lu Bei did not agree to Wen Zhong’s petition and let him take charge of the overall situation in Chaoge.
Then he ordered King Wucheng Huang Feihu to be the main general, his son Huang Tianxiang to be the vanguard, and his beloved disciple Nezha to be the two vanguard officers to rush to the aid of Youhun Pass to help his father-in-law and uncle put down the chaos in the east.
He himself went to Sanshanguan to join forces with his father-in-law Deng Jiugong, and went south to wipe out the daring rebels of Nanbohou E Chongyu.
The ministers refused to comply and spoke fiercely, saying that they did not want the king to conquer personally.
Wen Zhong didn’t say anything. He knew what the second leader of Jiejiao was worth. He knew that he couldn’t get this position by eating soft food, and it was even more impossible to hug his thighs. His king was invincible in the world, and the mere Nanbohou E Chongyu could suppress him with a wave of his hand.
Wen Zhong was amazed. The king of his family had really changed. This personal expedition seemed to be h