uth, bit it loudly, and shattered each section.

Klein saw this scene with a slightly blurred vision, and suddenly felt a similar severe pain in his fingers.
At this moment, he knew that “Lady Despair” Panatia was half crazy because she had eaten too much flesh and blood of Beyonders.
Although based on the other party’s occult knowledge, he would definitely wait for the extraordinary characteristics to precipitate before having a “meal” at first, but the dead were imprisoned here without any food, and could only target each other, and they would inevitably become more and more abnormal, and more and more Crazy, how can you not have problems if you eat too much of this food?
Just when Klein was thinking a little desperately about what else he could do to save himself, the crimson moonlight in front of him suddenly became brighter.
He saw a look of horror on Panatia’s face, and without hesitation he changed direction, rushed into the house next to him, and slammed the door.
/Klein felt that his condition had weakened a lot. He raised his head in astonishment and looked high into the sky. He saw that the red moon had penetrated the fog and illuminated the town clearly and peacefully.
With a thought in his mind, he remembered what Panatya had just said, and immediately struggled and staggered towards the house on the other side, not forgetting to lock the door:
“When the red moon becomes clear, something changes here and it becomes very dangerous.”
After rushing into the house and closing the door, Klein discovered that the curtain behind the window had been tightly closed, and only the crimson moonlight could faintly penetrate, bringing some light.
He didn’t bother to make more observations, found a wooden chair, sat down, and tried to meditate in order to calm down the body’s previously suppressed tendency to mutate.
Now that I have witnessed the incomplete form of a mythical creature of a Saint-level Extraordinary, how could it be possible to carry it through so easily? This is not a mysterious space above the gray fog, with its own recovery effect.
Because of his relatively high mental resistance in this area, Klein was able to get rid of the chaos of his thoughts in advance, barely controlled his tendency to lose control, and completed his escape, but this did not mean that the problem had been solved.
He sat there, relying on meditation and his own control over his emotions to fight against the waves of crazy thoughts. In the process, he heard the bones of his face making a clicking sound, and saw his black hair shaking. It grew and thickened in a controlled manner, and the clothes on the chest were lifted up little by little, and granulation-like particles appeared on the surface of the skin.
After nearly thirty seconds, Klein finally breathed out and relaxed a little.
He has completely gotten rid of the influence of Panatia’s incomplete mythical creature form, and even gained a little knowledge, that is, the other party’s level has “desperation” as its core, and is good at creating and spreading p