e will of eternal heaven will recognize your right to survive, but there is a “degree” in it. When facing the doomsday cleansing, it is best to rely on strength and dedication to bear the past. If you try to take advantage of everything, If you use force, you can easily hurt yourself.

Playing tricks on the eternal Heavenly Dao is like spitting in the sky. In the end, the only thing that will be insulted is your own face. Zhu Peng can appropriately strengthen his own strength, but if he relies on his foresight to solve some dangers that should occur in advance, the only result will be to be counterattacked ten times by greater dangers. This is what Zhu Peng tried when he was a teenager. After that, he just made his father’s strength slightly increase, and the current situation had a very terrifying chain reaction. Zhu Peng himself had to participate in the Monk War as a boy scout. After several years of bloody fighting, if Zhu Peng had not been of good quality in all aspects and had considerable luck, his bones would have been rotten at this moment. , how can he still sit firmly in the position of the high priest of blood.
Therefore, when faced with the second echelon of wild and crazy ancient beasts that have been purged in the apocalypse, Zhu Peng is not afraid. Even if he is afraid, he cannot use some clever methods to solve it, because the more afraid he is, the more clever he will be, and the faster he will die in the end. . Because of the space fluctuation just now, Zhu Peng couldn’t calm down his mind, so he simply stretched his muscles and bones in the retreat room to activate his blood.
“That’s good, the appearance of the wild ancient beast also made my plan against the Li family more perfect. This is equivalent to filling up the last flaw in my plan. However, this time, the big rift in time and space actually appeared in the Blood City. appeared hundreds of miles away. It seems that this situation did not occur in the last apocalypse. Is this because I killed too many insect beasts and caused a backlash? Or is it because I built the City of Blood and rescued too many people and changed the situation? The fate of too many people has been affected, and the cause and effect of the general trend has been slightly touched, causing a slight backlash of luck?”
“If it’s the former, it’s okay. No matter how ferocious the Zerg are, I’m sure to deal with it. If it’s the latter, it’s very dangerous. The backlash of luck is so weird. Once caught, it’s really hard to choke on a mouthful of cold water. Death is too much to cope with, too much to resist.”
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Thinking of the painful lessons he learned during his years as a “boy scout”, even Zhu Peng felt that it was extremely troublesome. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove things like the current situation and luck, and people can only bring it to themselves. Whether it is violation, punishment, or ending, there is no way. There are almost no warning signs.
The only good thing is that Zhu Peng’s practice of “Zongheng Lun