Novi Tyrone fell silent immediately, but Gong Yeyu who was next to Pei Jiao laughed and said: “Then just beat him and his men into two small cakes. Why do you think so much? Hehe , but this is your own business, I won’t help you, and if you lose, don’t expect me to avenge you or anything like that.”

Pei Jiao laughed and said, “That’s natural. It’s not like children fighting. Why should we find help? I will naturally solve my problems.”
/Nowi Tyrone suddenly asked: “So how do you want to deal with the people in this city? Do you really want to do the blood sacrifice as Rocky said? These are hundreds of thousands of people. Ah, is this in line with your true intentions?”
Before Pei Jiao spoke, Gong Yeyu had already asked: “Then what do you think our true intention is? Mercy? Or forgiveness?”
Novi Tailonger was stunned for a moment and said: “I don’t know what Pei Jiao’s true intentions are, but you, Gong Yeyu, are not a cruel person. On the contrary, you are more tolerant of people who are weaker than you.” , as long as I don’t provoke you, you will never provoke others or bully others without any reason.”
Gong Yeyu laughed and said: “Yes, if you don’t provoke me, I will never bully others, but do you think those people down here haven’t provoked me? No, they rely on oppression in this city To live through the pain of countless living beings, this has greatly offended me. My belief is that if there is no reward for good and evil, there must be selfishness in everything! In this world now, those who control most of the power, money, and force in the world have the highest authority. The upper class, whether they are politicians, businessmen, or famous families, in order to keep themselves alive, or in order to keep the ‘elites’ they talk about, they turn 99% of innocent people into ghosts, and turn those The souls of innocent people are refined into soul food, which turns those innocent people into batteries, causing them to sink in extremely deep pain, with no relief or death. Is there any good and evil in such a world? Is there still justice? Is it true that good people will be rewarded with good things and evil people will be rewarded with evil things? No, no! This is a world like hell! This is a world where even the world is private!”
“Heaven’s heart is my heart, chivalry is my mind, punishing evil is promoting good, and the sword can make ghosts and gods frightened! Since even the universe has selfish interests, then it is up to me to give them evil rewards. I must let them know the so-called good and evil There will be retribution in the end, it’s not that I won’t repay it, the time has not yet come!”
When he said these words, Gong Yeyu’s expression was extremely solemn. He said such decisive words in an attitude he had never seen before. It can be seen how firm his determination is at this moment, and his eyes did not waver at all. , obviously the meaning of these words is his true intention, pure and awe-inspiring, just like his true heart is as steely as iron, he can kill thousands of people, kill