appened to her? The doctor checked and said it was I have a slight concussion and I should be able to wake up soon, but why haven’t I woke up until now? You must know why, right?!”

Pei Jiao smiled bitterly. He gently pulled Yang Dingtian’s hand away. Then he walked to the girl and knelt down and said, “It’s an illusion. Those ghosts confuse human beings. Well, some of them are like nightmares. They are real and cannot be escaped.” , if there was no real demon level aura field, she would probably have been trapped in this illusion.”
Yang Dingtian looked at his hands blankly. Just now, Pei Jiao just pulled him away as if nothing had happened, but only he who had experienced it personally could feel the strength clearly. It was so huge that it was irresistible. But looking at the sick man in front of him, , it doesn’t look like someone with such great strength at all.
Pei Jiao smiled bitterly again and said: “I’m sorry, I am not a real demon-level strongman. As I said before, I am really weak. But don’t worry too much. There is a real demon in Beijing. A demon-level strongman, he will save your sister.”
Yang Dingtian’s brows were furrowed tightly at first, but after hearing these words, his expression finally relaxed and returned to his calm appearance. He leaned against the cabin wall and looked at Pei Jiao carefully. After a while, he said: “Why save me? Or why save me alone to cut off sins? Last night, I saw a big gap opened in the sky, and all the souls entangled in sins were swallowed up. If you hadn’t helped me cut off my sins, I would have been dragged in. Why save me? And why do humans become souls? What else is a true demon? What’s going on with those ghosts? Woolen cloth?”
Pei Jiao also found a place to sit down. He placed the scimitar and the gun blade on the seat next to him. Only then did he look at Yang Dingtian and said: “Don’t worry, from here to Beijing, we There are still a few hours left, enough for me to tell you all of this. The beginning of it all started from the critical point of electromagnetic waves.”
In this way, within a few hours on the plane, Pei Jiao told Yang Dingtian what he knew about the soul world. When he finally talked about his special ability of the Goddess of War and the reason for rescuing Yang Dingtian, he finally He paused the topic and just looked at Yang Dingtian closely.
Yang Dingtian looked at his hands silently. As he concentrated his will, his hands emitted a faint silver light. Although it was not obvious, Pei Jiao could still see it clearly in the interference-free environment in the cabin. This silver light.
/Yang Dingtian looked at his hands for a moment, then looked at Pei Jiao and said: “Although I don’t know if this is the special ability you mentioned, when I want it, I can indeed form this silver light, but what’s the use of it? ?”
Pei Jiao shook his head and said: “I don’t know, I said, I am just a rookie. What special abilities do you have? I will ask the senior people after I return to Beijing. The question now is do you agree?” What was my previo