e, but what shocked her even more was the revelation from Shangguan Dandan that sometimes she would hold his arm, and he would immediately pull it out and follow her. The man who pretended to be pure like the White Lotus Saint was once as debauched as a pond of wine and a forest of meat!

This meat is certainly not pork or other animal meat.
Qin Yanan imagined the scene. She had no realistic impression of this aspect. She could only think of movies such as “Roman Empire XXX” and some multi-person scenes in Western oil paintings. The picture of Liu Changan as the protagonist suddenly emerged.
“The nanny he trusts the most is as big as you.” Shangguan Dandan stretched out his hand and patted her.
/As if the skin on her chest was being burned, Qin Yanan hurriedly took two steps back, her cheeks flushed. Can Shangguan Dandan’s words not make people think wildly?
“But why do you like it?” Shangguan Dandan couldn’t understand, “I’ll know just by touching it.”
Qin Yanan quickly ran out of the locker room.
Qin Yanan took Shangguan Dandan to buy underwear and new clothes, and went to the flower shop to choose flowers together. She found that Shangguan Dandan had some experience in selecting flowers, and then she remembered that floral art was actually a traditional art, which had developed since the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties. , this beautiful girl in front of me once occupied the entire royal garden.
After Qin Yanan returned from sending Shangguan Dandan back, Liu Changan had already taken Zhou Dongdong home. The two of them were lying on the sofa with their legs crossed and watching TV.
Zhou Shuling listened to the commotion downstairs and came down to take a look. She originally wanted to ask Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong to go up and eat crabs. When they saw the guests, they brought down all the crabs.
She also made three kinds of dipping sauces, one stewed with vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and ginger foam, one with crab vinegar, and one with garlic sauce.
Qin Yanan originally had something to say to Liu Changan, but when he saw that the scene in front of him turned into a room full of people eating enthusiastically, it was not the time to talk. After reluctantly tasting a crab, he said goodbye and left.
“Leave some for me.” Liu Changan reminded Zhou Dongdong emphatically, and then said to the others, “I’ll see Qin Yanan off.”
Qin Yanan walked down the stairs and felt a little happy when she heard Liu Changan’s footsteps behind her. If he saw her leaving and raised his hand to say hello, just like an ordinary brother would treat his sister, then she would definitely be very unhappy. of.
“You don’t want to go back and eat crabs? Look at Zhou Dongdong’s round little fingers, how can they be so flexible when peeling crabs? They were all eaten by her after a while.” Qin Yanan reminded him that maybe eating is more important than giving her gifts. things.
“I want to go back to eat crabs, why don’t you show me mercy next time?” Liu Changan shook his head, “You have a good temper now, I can’t let you have it, otherwise