ss, so even if Zhu Peng recommends various spiritual weapons to him, he still clings to the killing knife, intending to collect high-quality materials without changing. Under the premise of the nature of the magical weapon itself, this vicious knife was tempered into a spiritual weapon grade.

Just when his palm just touched the pile of cold iron, the killing knife on his waist suddenly made an extremely obscure buzzing sound.
“Be careful where you step.” Almost at the same time as the murderous sword murmured, a low roar suddenly exploded in the secret vault in the mountain. The life-killing monk suddenly changed his expression, but his feet were already exploding like an explosion.
“Ho ho ho ho!” The mud cracked, the earth shattered, and the rocks disintegrated. With a huge roar, a huge insect beast suddenly emerged from under the feet of the killing monk, opened its big mouth full of jagged teeth, and swallowed the monk whole. And underneath, its body was so huge that the rather large secret vault suddenly became narrower due to its presence. At the same time, Zhu Peng noticed that the surrounding earth and rocks were falling faintly. Without the cover of the magic circle, the overflowing aura of the entire secret library not only attracted a large number of ground-burrowing giant insects, but also made the entire secret library strong. The level drops sharply by several levels.
“The deceitful path: Tianmu will withdraw first, and the blood united battle group will be cut off.” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Peng suddenly threw the gourd at his waist. As soon as the Shura gourd hit the ground, nine giant tails composed of iron sand overflowed. Scattered, like nine huge iron pillars, the entire crumbling cave was forcibly propped up. I don’t know when, Zhu Peng had opened the Purple Soul Sky Eyes. The powerful information flow and sharp mind allowed him to quickly Determining several fulcrums in the entire cave, with this ability coupled with the terrifying demonic power of the great demon Bai Ling, it was difficult to support a cave in a short period of time, but it was not impossible.
Chapter 390: Overt and secret attacks, sudden stabs from hell
“Master Priest, we have just collected about seven floors. If you give us some tea time, we will be able to collect them all.” Otherwise, most women are too pretentious. Under such circumstances, the Tianmu member Su Ying actually asked Zhu Peng When she asked for tea, Zhu Peng slapped her in the face and beat her to death.
Fortunately, not everyone present was like her. Zhu Weiyi’s mind was still clear enough. When he saw that Zhu Peng’s face looked wrong, he pulled Su Ying out without saying a word. The people trained by Guidao Tianmu are similar agents. Professionals, in terms of individual value, are indeed more valuable than ordinary United Front monks, so Zhu Peng asked the Tianmu members to go first.
/After the order was quickly executed, the entire underground secret warehouse fell into a sea of ??insects. It seemed that due to the strong resistance o