ree fingers and said solemnly :

ree fingers and said solemnly :
I will give you one month. As long as the yield rate reaches above 60% on 350 micron, which is a slightly backward but most mature process node, Huahong will fully implement the new wage standards! ”
In the audience, people’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and they all looked at Zhao Song seriously.
“In one month, a single order worth 5 billion will be delivered .” In the hands of Huahong!
“Boom~ ”
/Many people stood up involuntarily and stared at Zhao Song on the stage in shock.
On the stage, Zhao Song walked back to the middle of the stage without any fluctuation in his expression, and continued to say calmly:
“You want a house, you can!
All eyes in the venue were focused on Zhao Song’s raised fingers, and then , he waved vigorously and pointed in the direction of Shanghai City Center,
“The city government has prepared the land for us. It’s up to you whether you can get it or not! ”
“Mr. Zhao!” At this time
, a young man with a red face stood up in the crowd and asked loudly: “What does land mean?”
“The land is the house! ” The house is your reward for getting a 90% yield rate! ”
90% means a gross profit of billions. By then, a few houses will be nothing!
” “Really?” ”
“The biggest parent official in Shanghai City is sitting next to you. I don’t dare to make random promises. ”
“good! ”
As if making a promise, the young man nodded heavily and then sat down.
Zhao Song smiled slightly and gestured to Liao Yingzhu before continuing his speech:
“In the semiconductor industry, we are not facing polite competition. , but a desperate fight like the French Revolution!
The Four Stars are relying on national war reparations to exchange their lives for blood; the island country’s industrial strategy has shifted, and the national team has gradually taken shape; Bay Bay fully supports Bay Ji Electric and is strictly guarding against us; the United States has never relaxed its comprehensive embargo on us.
As for China, we still have to face powerful opponents such as Motorola and SMIC, and fight head-on with bayonets! ”
Hearing this, the secretary glanced at Dr. Zhang next to him with interest, and saw that his expression was solemn and he was looking at Zhao Song seriously.
Not far away from them, Jiang Shangzhou listened excitedly to Zhao Song’s speech . , He has already established a foreign talent channel. If Zhao Song’s plan can be realized, then the talent introduction measures will be implemented earlier by then…
“Someone may have guessed what I am going to do. . ”
At this time, Zhao Song also looked at Dr. Zhang and saw him smiling and saying: “Technology node is an important criterion for measuring semiconductor technology, but it is not absolute. Regardless of Intel or AMD, what makes the most money is not the most advanced technology, but relatively mature technology nodes.
Enterprises are not philanthropists. They need to consider profitability. For many chips, if the product performance is suffici