” Er Mao looked at Zhao Song doubtfully, “What dignity do you have?”

” Er Mao looked at Zhao Song doubtfully, “What dignity do you have?”
“Get out!” Zhao Song kicked him over. “No need to pick it up, I have professional classes in the morning.”
At this time, Xiao Yu, who was wearing a noble school uniform with double ponytails, ran over in a bound.
“Brother, I’m leaving!”
“Well, during this period, your Ermao brother will pick you up and drop you off.”
“I know.”
/It wasn’t until the Mercedes-Benz disappeared at the intersection of Xiagou Village that Zhao Song was about to wash up, but when he turned around, he was greeted by an old face Startled.
“Good morning, Mr. Qian~” Zhao Song said with a sneer, while Lianshun on the side slipped away and ran away without a trace.
“The singing was quite beautiful last night!”
Zhao Song scratched his head and smiled stupidly.
Mr. Qian ignored the conversation and said slowly, “Are you interested in the Fu family’s yard?”
Zhao Song’s eyes lit up, “He’s going to run away too.”
Mr. Qian looked at Zhao Song angrily, “Why did he run away? , just want to hide in peace! Even if the Zheng family moved to their parents’ home, they still come to the village to quarrel with his family every day, plus Xiao Wen.”
Mr. Qian shook his head and said no more, “300,000, the past is wiped out. This is their condition. ”
250,000, Xiaoyu’s matter is wiped out.” If Xiaoyu is worth less than 100 million in the future, Zhao Song will write his name upside down!
Mr. Qian lowered his head and thought for a moment before saying, “Let me tell them.”
After that, the old man took out a crumpled note from his pocket and said, “There are several companies who also want your help in renovating their homesteads. The conditions are the same as those of the Zheng family.”
“Five years, old man, do they have a place to live?” Zhao Song took the note and asked casually, “I…” Resisting the curse words, “Who is this? Didn’t you say ten?”
“Whatever you want,” Mr. Qian took out a cigarette, lit it, and walked away slowly.
Zhao Song looked at Mr. Qian and then at the note in his hand. He was full of doubts. He always felt that the old man and Wen Lihua had some conspiracy?
7:40, Lecture Room 202, Teaching Building.
After making two complaint calls, Zhao Song walked into the classroom, looked around, and then walked to sit next to Li Yong under the gaze of more than a hundred people.
“What are you looking at me for?”
Wu Yan stuck her head out, “Looking at the handsome guy!”
Zhao Song said angrily: “Don’t make trouble.”
Xiaoyong took out a stack of newspapers from his schoolbag and handed it to him, “Just get used to it. , you are not here, Liao Yingzhu is the focus.”
“What’s wrong?”
“How much money do you have?”
Zhao Song curled his lips, “Pfft~

Wu Yan couldn’t help but laughed. “Zhao Song, your jokes are getting shorter and shorter. Every word can make people laugh.”
“Hehe…” Zhao Song laughed perfunctorily, picked up the newspaper and flipped through it.
“I’ve read them all. Foreign brands are quite popular, but these