o make a career.”

“If I say that I know nothing about this matter, I’m afraid it will also disappoint you.” Hull said.
“Did you arrange everything next?” the emperor said with a smile.
“I just asked my servants to spread some rumors everywhere. No, they are not rumors, they are all facts.” Hull said.
The emperor stared at Hel closely, and after a while he said: “You are very cunning.”
“Your Majesty, you can’t use cunning on me. I’m basically a person who has nothing to do with the world.” Hull said.
“It can be seen that your past records can indeed prove this. It is even a little hard for me to imagine how you can have such profound wisdom and experience based on your original life experience.”
“What wisdom and experience do I have?” Hull said in a self-deprecating tone: “Most of the time, I don’t even know what I am doing, let alone why I am doing it.”
/“Perhaps it should be said that geniuses do exist in this world, and you are that kind of genius. But I have a piece of advice, don’t bury your talents.” The emperor looked very solemn.
“I have thought about the suggestions you made when we met last time before the investiture ceremony for a long time, and finally I decided to put them into practice. No one is more suitable to take charge of this matter than you.
“In the next month, I will announce the formation of a new department called the Office of Industrial Planning, and I intend to nominate you to be the chief official of this department.”
Hull’s face suddenly became ugly. If he really became the top officer of such a department, then he would be at the top of the limelight.
“I have enough enemies.” Hull thought for a long time and finally decided to reject this “honor”: “If I accept this nomination, I’m afraid I will have to beware of someone challenging me for a duel at any time.”
“Are you still concerned about Archduke Valedi?” The emperor sighed: “This matter is very complicated. Archduke Valedi does have a lot of selfish motives, and there are also some people who are instigating it behind the scenes, and there are even Debreton people who are involved. ”
“I understand that this is politics, everything is politics. Ever since I founded the Industrial Alliance in Sherloot, I have been involved in the political circle, and politics is the dirtiest thing. Using any means to attack the enemy will destroy the world. It’s possible, so I’ve always tried to avoid getting too involved.”
Hull sighed: “To be fair, the capture of Gibelo Fortress is indeed not my credit.”
Just as Hull interrupted the emperor, the emperor also interrupted Hull and said: “That is your credit. If this merit is not recognized, the empire’s military reward and punishment system will completely collapse.
“What’s more, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to lure out the man in the Devil’s Mountains. I don’t believe that other people in the empire have such dignity. Without that man, it would be impossible to capture the Zhibeiro Fortress.
“Military victory may have a lot of luck involved, but there is absolutely