s naturally far less effective than the previous heavy slashing with a huge heavy sword composed of the power of blood, but it can still penetrate the circular spear formation of the black servant of the god.

The fourth-grade heavy sword in the hands of the sky knight in front charged, and the impact of the power of the twenty-three sky knights was gathered, knocking a black servant in front of him away. The black servant flew backwards and hit him. After knocking down his two companions, his body assumed a strange posture.
The sky knight in front had no intention of catching up with the corpses smashed by swords. He knew that doing so would only slow down his speed. He did not even chase down the two black servants of the gods who were knocked away.
This time, because the knight’s battle formation did not consume too much bloodline power at the beginning, it was not until halfway through the charge that the bloodline power defensive shield was broken.
Gilbert Sky Knight is very lucky this time. He is in the middle of the knight’s battle formation. All he needs to do is to provide the power of his blood to the knight’s battle formation and cooperate with the actions of the knight’s battle formation.
But there was nothing to be happy about in his heart. In his opinion, this was just delaying the coming of death.
/Gilbert Sky Knight knows one thing very well. From the beginning, these black servants of the gods did not fight with all their strength, but only used their immortality to launch a war of attrition against the Sky Knights.
He guessed that as long as the sky knights showed their intention to leave the battlefield, these black servants of the gods would definitely show their true strength.
Gilbert Sky Knight would not think that the servants of the guardian gods only have such combat power. These may be the servants who have dropped from the fifth level to the fourth level. In the noble inheritance records, they have never heard of it. I told you about the fourth level divine servant.
Another cry of pain occurred not far from Gilbert Sky Knight, where a Sky Knight was stabbed in the arm.
The sky knight took out the dagger and cut off the arm without any hesitation. When the arm fell to the ground, he put away the dagger and took off the fourth-grade epee held by the fallen arm.
In order to save the sky knight, the other sky knights did not take the opportunity to kill a few more black servants of the god, but just helped the sky knight block the rest of the attacks.
When the knight battle formation penetrated the circular spear formation of the black servant of god, only three black servants of god fell to the ground. There was an additional sky knight injured in the knight battle formation, and it was also a common weapon that affected his own strength. Arm injuries.
The sky knight’s combat power was only about 30 to 40% at most, and he was moved inside when the knight’s battle formation stopped for readjustment.
When the knights turned their heads, something unexpected happened. The three black