their talents, becoming a demigod is almost impossible.

So does it make any difference what kind of rules you have?
Can the rules they realized themselves be stronger than the rules brought out by the demigod Arthur?
Just like the ‘Dawn Cultivation Method’ brought out by the demigod Arthur, the combined knight training methods of fifteen top nobles, including Speaker Gould, cannot compare with the ‘Dawn Cultivation Method’.
It is for this reason that the fourteen legendary lords believe in the demigod Arthur, and this trust is even stronger than trusting their own feelings.
Therefore, the shortcomings mentioned by the demigod Arthur are not a problem at all for them.
/After the fourteen legendary lords, David flew out. With all the lords bowing and saluting, he flew to his seat.
After Gould became the Speaker of the Supreme Council, although David rarely participated in parliamentary activities and rarely participated in remote parliaments, David’s seat arrangement had been adjusted long ago.
The last person to appear was naturally Speaker Gould, who flew to the center of the two circles of seats.
“Everyone, we won the big world war against the Zerg world. In this war, we killed one Zerg god-level Zerg, twenty-one legendary level Zerg, one hundred and eighty-three fifth-level Zerg, and several Hundreds of millions of Level 1 to Level 4 Zerg, this is a brilliant victory!” Speaker Gould loudly announced the results of this Great World War.
Not only were the more than eighty lords present excited, but also the many noble knights in the audience seats.
Most people here only know that the war was won, but the specific results are not clear.
After hearing this achievement, they were really surprised and proud.
I was surprised to be able to kill so many Zerg gods. I was proud that this was the knight’s record. Every noble knight present had worked hard for this.
But after the excitement, many nobles noticed that the achievements that Speaker Gould mentioned were actually the achievements of the noble knights.
The God-level Zerg were killed by the demigod Arthur. Most of the legendary Zerg were killed by the legendary noble knights, and some were still the results of the demigod Arthur.
“Today, the representatives sent by the great gods will reward the meritorious knights. In addition, after the gods reward the meritorious knights, the Supreme Council will also give some additional rewards to the relevant meritorious knights!” Speaker Gould said solemnly.
/This time, even the ordinary noble knights standing in the viewing seats discovered the special meaning of Speaker Gould’s words. The representative sent by the great god did not mention the temple here.
“We invite representatives of the great gods!” Speaker Gould said loudly.
Archbishop McIntyre flew in from outside the hall and stood at the speaking seat vacated by Speaker Gould. Speaker Gould did not leave and stood beside him.
Archbishop McIntyre also heard Speaker Gould’s speech, but he could not argue anything because there was demigod Arthur here.