Juntang was talking about letting Su Mei return to the harem, she mentioned the Kyushu Fenglei Sword Sect. Does that mean that Zhu Juntang’s words had also been used by another person? She mentioned the Kyushu Fenglei Sword Sect at that time. Also trying to get another person to join Liu Changan’s harem or something?

This little girl can definitely make a movie. As long as she thinks it will be helpful or beneficial to her plan, she will help her father expand the harem and let her mother compete with other women for favor!
Su Mei didn’t want to argue with Zhu Juntang for the time being, so she would write it down first.
Although she could also learn about what happened in Junsha through Zhongqing, Jin Xiaomei and many other means in Antarctica, she was not able to pry out too much information about love, love, and private affairs.
Zhu Juntang sticks to Liu Changan all day long, and mixes with those charming little foxes, which is a more reliable and rich source of information.
“Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen is an ancient organization established by Liu Changan a long time ago. This organization is full of women. They are oppressed and exploited by Liu Changan, and they moan in pain every night.”
“Pa!” Su Mei shook her slender white wrist lightly, and the traction rope made an explosion-like sound in the air. She glared at Zhu Juntang, “Speak seriously to me!”
“Hey, why are you so fierce! Usually when I say something like this, Liu Changan would glare at me at most!” Zhu Juntang refused to accept it, and his father left for three minutes to miss him.
“Yes, otherwise what would I do when I come back?” Su Mei said angrily. Zhu Juntang had never been so presumptuous in front of her before. Liu Changan had only taken him for a few months, and he still had this kind of virtue.
/If things continue like this, is that okay?
/If I didn’t come back for a year and a half, I would probably ride on Su Mei’s neck and pull sheep dung balls when we met.
“In short, I have demonstrated that Liu Changan has had at least 100,000 women throughout the ages, and he did this through the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect.”
“Don’t think that I don’t know as much about the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect as you do. When Liu Changan was still Ye Chenyu, he transferred some overseas assets to the Ye family, the Su family and the Qin family. Those assets may have been from the Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect back then. A legacy from long ago.”
Su Mei interrupted Zhu Juntang’s nonsense: “Most of these assets with a long history and long history have been transferred to your name by me.”
Zhu Juntang was young, so Su Mei didn’t tell her many things. In Su Mei’s mind, such an asset transfer was also a certification and declaration of the heir’s qualifications.
Just like a wealthy family with multiple heirs who are legally entitled to inherit, most of them have nothing to their name, but one of them already has a large amount of inheritance given by his parents to his name, and the heir can already sit in front of everyone. Really.
Zhu Juntang