hangan saw Qin Peng talking to Ye Sijin, and his expression seemed a little excited.

“That place was burned, killed, and plundered by the Japanese before, and then it was stripped of its land again. When we go there,”
“When the fellow saw us, he knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. He brought a pot of leaves, broken rice stalks and bran mixed together. He trembled all over and said, Master, there really is nothing at home.”
“We quickly took dry food and distributed it to the fellow villagers there, and they finally believed that we were different.”
As he spoke, Qin Peng slammed the table hard, “I swear, we must let our people, when they see our army, not tremble and kneel down to beg for mercy, but smile with joy and treat them as family members!”
“You have made too many vows, and this must be fulfilled.” Ye Sijin patted her cousin on the shoulder and sighed slightly. There were too many things to do and changes to make, so she could only try to figure them out slowly.
“Except for not becoming a train driver, which of my vows have not been fulfilled?” After saying that, Qin Peng nodded arrogantly, “I have been a railway worker, so I can be considered a train driver.”
Ye Sijin smiled and remembered what happened when she was a child. Her brother ordered a train from Europe and put it on the railway between Lin’an and Shanghai. It was convenient for Ye Sijin, who didn’t like taking long-distance buses, to go on vacation. Qin Peng saw the train. He liked trains so much that he vowed to be a train driver when he grew up and drive this train around. His brother also asked him to lay railroad tracks all over the country.
Now that I think about it, what my brother said at that time planted a seed in Qin Peng’s heart. Su Mei’s look at that time also planted a seed in the heart of young Ye Sijin. After all, the aunts and sisters are sworn in.
So many years have passed in the blink of an eye. The carefree childhood was a time of innocence and ignorance that makes people miss it.
“Let’s partner up tonight. It’s best to let my sister-in-law lose and go bankrupt. What’s the use of so much money? If the fireworks don’t go off at night, I’ll use them to buy guns and cannons to equip at least one regiment.” Qin Peng said in a low voice, thinking about it when he was a child The woman who was called “Meijieer” and now “sister-in-law” is still a little timid.
“My brother is in charge, and now she is doing serious business, saving the country through industry, and raising funds for the rear. If you make her lose everything, you are killing the goose to obtain the egg.” Ye Sijin also couldn’t stand Su Mei’s extravagant life style, but thinking about her family’s past , thinking about his brother, there was no way he could say what he said to accuse Su Mei.
/“I’m just talking. I haven’t played cards for a long time. I’ll try my luck with a few games later. If my sister-in-law doesn’t give in, I’ll have to ask my brother for help in the end.” Qin Peng felt confident after saying that, even though his eldest brother had tak