all the kinds of gifts that he often brought when traveling from house to house in the 1980s and 1990s.

Yan Qingcheng seemed to have pushed it a few times, and then took it from Liu Changan’s hand a little shyly. Zhu Juntang saw this scene and secretly exclaimed that he had made a mistake.
She originally thought that An Nuan could only be a lightbulb when she accompanied Liu Changan, and other double-digging hoe gods would not have a chance. Who knew that the reason why the hoe god was a hoe god was that he could fully grasp any crack and start digging.
Zhu Juntang was just a little late, and Yan Qingcheng found an opportunity. He is indeed a powerful opponent.
Zhu Juntang rushed over and squeezed in to stand between Liu Changan and Yan Qingcheng. He opened his hands and pressed their chests to separate them further.
“What are you doing?” Liu Changan’s eyebrows wrinkled automatically when he saw Zhu Juntang.
“What are you doing!” Zhu Juntang retracted his hands, lifted up his skirt angrily, and put his hands on his hips.
“Professor Liu asked him to bring me some food.” Yan Qingcheng said in a gentle tone. Who can be angry with a child who is trying to make his father only like him?
” Why don’t you bring me something to eat?” Zhu Juntang was so angry. He had never brought her anything to eat.
After thinking about it carefully, there really is no such thing!
“Here you go.” Liu Changan handed another 1,500g can of lychees to Zhu Juntang.
Zhu Juntang felt his hands sink, and he bent over before raising his hands again and holding them in his arms.
She stared blankly at the huge can of lychees. She only likes to eat fresh fruits. She has never eaten such canned food that seems to be cheap and large in quantity, but must be of average quality!
“Eat it.” Liu Changan took off the lid of the can again, removed the fork wrapped in plastic film and handed it to Zhu Juntang.
“I, I, I ate Dongdong’s pork knuckle for lunch, and I can’t eat canned fruit now.” Zhu Juntang’s eyes widened. She discovered that there was suspended solids in this canned fruit! White! Like maggots!
“I’ll eat it later. Can I share some with my classmates in the dormitory? They usually share things with me.” Yan Qingcheng asked Liu Changan’s permission with some embarrassment.
“Of course.” Liu Changan nodded. His soft and smooth face made him look really comfortable in comparison.
Yan Qingcheng glanced at Zhu Juntang and then entered the classroom with the gift.
“She’s looking at me!” Zhu Juntang held a huge can of lychees in one hand, pointed at Yan Qingcheng’s back with the other, and complained with eyes wide open.
/“What’s wrong with you? Is there a sense of superiority and contempt in her eyes, as well as pride, disdain, arrogance and uncontrollable laughter?” Liu Changan remembered that Zhu Juntang came to the High School Affiliated to Hunan University to find Liu Changan last year. Nuan glanced at her, and that’s how she complained to Zhong Qing, saying that An Nuan’s eyes were an emotional fan chart, and she completely interpreted