that, Wei Xiaobei grabbed a sharpened chopstick, bumped it in his hand, grabbed the front third of the chopstick, and retreated to the other end of the wall. His eyes were focused on the target and his breathing was slowly adjusted. .

After a few breaths, Wei Xiaobei’s right hand suddenly moved, and the chopsticks came out of his hands. Under the influence of huge force, they flew towards the opposite wall like an arrow.
There was a slight sound, the chopsticks dug into the wall a little, and the tail trembled slightly.
Wei Xiaobei did not step forward to check. Even though the villa was dark, his eyesight was enough to see clearly what was happening on the opposite wall.
About fifteen meters away, the chopsticks were able to penetrate the wall by a little more than one centimeter. This force was very well controlled. However, not only did the chopsticks fail to hit the target, the distance from the target was more than three meters.
Fortunately, he wasn’t outside, otherwise Wei Xiaobei’s face would have been stripped off.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment, changed the position of his hand on the chopsticks a little, and then shot out again.
A slight sound came again, and Wei Xiaobei had a slight smile on his face.
Although he failed to hit the target directly this time, the distance to the target has been shortened to less than half a meter.
This shows how much progress Wei Xiaobei has made.
You must know that martial arts such as hidden weapons are extremely disgraceful in ancient Chinese martial arts.
The mainstream in the martial arts world is martial ethics!
Martial arts such as concealed weapons seem a bit insidious.
Therefore, although there are schools of hidden weapon martial arts, they are rarely passed down.
In fact, for martial arts masters, martial arts such as hidden weapons can be practiced very quickly. After all, it requires accurate eyesight and steady hands, supplemented by strength and related techniques.
/Compared with other martial arts, hidden weapon can be regarded as one of the quickest skills.
/Wei Xiaobei has never learned the hidden weapon technique, and neither does Cheng Biwu. Besides, there is no hidden weapon branch in an upright Kung Fu like Baji Quan.
Therefore, it was normal for Wei Xiaobei to miss at first.
But under Wei Xiaobei’s repeated tests, the chopsticks quickly hit the target.
Wei Xiaobei would not be satisfied just by hitting the target.
In fact, this is the practice of drawing inferences from one instance to draw analogies in martial arts.
As long as you practice one kung fu to a deep level, you will be able to quickly master and master it when you practice other kung fu again.
This is also the case. After many martial arts masters have mastered kung fu to great perfection, in order to make breakthroughs in boxing, they often practice other kung fu at the same time, and eventually form their own sect and become masters!
Take the famous Mr. Dong Haichuan as an example. He studied several martial arts and finally created his own