sibility of fraud is higher.

sibility of fraud is higher.
It is said that American astronauts approached the lunar surface but were unable to set foot on the moon due to technical reasons. At that time, the United States was eager to show its merits to the world, so it forged many moon landing photos and a photographic documentary, deceiving the world for decades.
/After hearing what the little boss said, Executive Anthony in the audience couldn’t help but cover his head, wondering what kind of boss he was following.
In the crowd, there was a group of western cowboys who were dressed incompatible with the people around them. They were also discussing this matter. Martinez, the black cowboy, said with an exaggerated expression: “He finally went crazy! How much will it cost to send people to Mars?” Money?”
As soon as Old John finished speaking, he denied himself in frustration: “Forget it, my wife Kelly may not be willing to do it. I’ll ask her when I get home.”
Old Barton said in a low voice with a smile on his face: “I’ll definitely be there. Before you go to Mars, Han Xuan has a better relationship with me, so don’t think about it. I just don’t know if you can survive until then. There must be physical requirements.”
A well-known rich man next to him had a strange look in his eyes. Looking at them, Han Xuan, who was wondering how these people got into the annual meeting,
continued: “In order to realize this immigration plan that I call my Mars home, in the next five years, I will invest one person every year. Sixteen million US dollars will be used for research, and we may continue to add more depending on the situation in the future.
I plan to turn humans into interstellar citizens in my lifetime. SpaceX will develop large rockets and spacecrafts to send humans to Mars, and eventually colonize Mars. .
Look at the picture on the screen. It is a conceptual design drawing of a colonial rocket. It can carry about one hundred to two hundred passengers. According to my idea, it can be reused to send a spacecraft called Interstellar Express to space.
The key at the moment is The problem is, how to reduce the cost of flying to Mars to attract potential volunteers, if the ticket price reaches 10 billion US dollars per person, then there is absolutely no way to develop a self-sustaining civilization. The situation is not optimistic,
it is obvious that no one wants to The investment for my plan can only be paid out of my own pocket, but what I am about to say next should be of interest to many people. Are you
still worried about the high cost of launching commercial satellites? Look at this, I The concept and design of the recyclable commercial rocket developed by the company has been completed in the laboratory, and real experiments will be carried out next.
When the recycling is completed, my SpaceX company will be listed, and it is expected that in the future, the cost of launching the rocket will be It has been reduced to about one-fifth of what it is now.”
Reporters listened to his talk, but not many took it seriously, b