liefs looked particularly mysterious under the dim candlelight, making people want to know what was hidden behind them.

As her thoughts raced, Audrey suddenly understood what they represented in the dream.
This is the door to the soul, and behind each door is the spiritual world of their owner.
In other words, after Audrey opens Alfred’s door, she will see all the secrets he hides deep in his heart.
In the same way, she can also peer into the true minds of Earl Hall and Lady Catelyn.
Slowly looking away, Audrey closed her eyes and continued walking forward, not letting herself be affected.
After experiencing so many things, she understood more and more:
Demigods in the spiritual realm must know how to restrain themselves and respect others.
On the premise that you can usually interpret other people’s true thoughts from body language, facial expressions, and emotional fluctuations, if you are not satisfied and greedily explore the hearts of others and dig out privacy and secrets, it may eventually come back to bite you.
This is a very simple truth: everyone has more or less dark and bad thoughts, but they control them well and do not let them affect their behavior. In this case, the spiritual realm If a demigod continues to insist on digging out these thoughts and digging out the ugly parts under the mask, he will be very easily disappointed in human nature, infected by various negative consciousnesses, and gradually become crazy without realizing it.
This is one of the reasons why “audiences” can “pacify” themselves and treat corresponding psychological problems, but they are still prone to abnormality or madness.
They are both safe and dangerous.
Therefore, the code of conduct Audrey set for herself was to only observe and “mind-read” acquaintances, and try not to fall into dreams. There was no restriction on dreaming for strangers, and she would not enter everyone’s inner world unless necessary.
/Along the corridor, Audrey, wearing a blue cloak, came to the end.
She then opened her eyes and turned her gaze to the room on the left.
It was a semi-open tanning room.
Pursing her lips again, Audrey breathed steadily and reached out to grasp the door handle.
As the wooden door opened back, the scene inside was gradually revealed.
This is no longer a room. The ground is filled with round stones and clumps of green and black weeds. The depths are dark and cannot be seen clearly.
Audrey walked in slowly, and the door creaked shut behind her.
In that darkness, the outlines of some things were quickly outlined:
A huge stone pillar dozens of meters high stood, with a tall lizard-like monster parked above it.
This monster squatted on the top of the stone pillar, just like a hill. Its body was covered with huge scales like gray-white stone, and its eyes were pale golden and vertical.
This is a spiritual dragon from mythology and legend.
With a crash, the two wings of the spiritual dragon spread out, almost covering the sky.
Their skeletons are like metal and leaf veins, covered with a gray skin membrane w