reason, Klein took off the human leather glove on his left palm.

During this process, the brass book began to flip, revealing page after page of rules:
“…When the sanity drops to the original 20, there will be signs of losing control…
“…’Ancient Scholar’ has the ability to summon historical pore images. The success rate of summoning depends on the degree of familiarity and friendliness with the target…
“…’The Brass Book of Trunsoest’ is the most precious thing. No living being can touch it without permission. Violation will be punishable by death!”
“…You cannot change the status of the ‘Trunsoest Brass Book’ in any way. Violation will be punishable by death!
These rules made Klein’s eyelids jump, and he felt as if his sanity was constantly declining.
This caused the “original” spiritual imprint in his body to become more active.
“The rules in the front part are gray and black, and they seem to be in an unchangeable state…Does this require ‘0-02’ to wake up further? If it wakes up to the extent that it can change the rules in the front part, it would be terrible, maybe It can reduce the success rate of my summons, and make the extraordinary person lose control as long as his sanity is slightly lowered… This, we have fixed the problem that this version of the ‘divineer’ is too strong? It is indeed ‘0-02’, There is no insult to this serial number…
“The text at the back is mercury… Does this indicate that this part of the rules can be modified or added?
/“It cannot be touched or changed. In other words, it cannot be taken away, nor can it be ‘hidden’ directly… Maybe you can use the ‘Star Staff’ or the ‘Box of the Old Days’ to directly hide this sealed object in the library. Move to the starry sky and let ‘0-02’ face those outer gods… But if the outer gods master this sealed object, the problem may be bigger than it is now…” Klein hesitated and did not risk it. At the risk of punishment, he summoned his own “0” level sealed object.
The next second, there was a “pop” sound in his ears.
Arianna’s figure wearing a simple linen robe and a bark belt quickly sketched beside him, and there were obvious blood marks drawn out by the invisible whip.
Arianna shook her head:
“The corresponding information has been destroyed, and we can only solve it through trial and error.”
This is a bit dangerous… We don’t know, but one guy must know it very well… Klein’s heart moved, and the spirit body suddenly left the body and entered the spirit world.
/Through the invisible barrier created by “0-02”, he said to the Patriarch Larion of the God of War Church who was waiting for the “curtain” to disappear:
“Maybe we can make a deal.”
“Do you want a way to seal ‘0-02’?” Larion turned around and chuckled, “Do you think I will agree?”
“Actually, I’m confused. Why do you have to sacrifice yourself for the fallen ‘God of War’? If you join the Church of Night, you can still be an angel, you can still be blessed, and you can still live for a long, long time.” Klein did not respond directly, bu