ei Xiaobei had already moved the box of Cuihu’s ten-year treasure chest to his office. Before it was completed, Wei Xiaobei was planning to fix the place where he would enter the gray world.

Three bottles of Cuihu ten years of storage were opened. Wei Xiaobei raised his neck, and the crystal clear wine poured into his throat like a clear spring.
Not to mention Wei Xiaobei entering the gray world, only the gray-white organization.
After discovering that Wei Xiaobei had left the country, the man who controlled the giant sea monster waited for three days before returning to the underground base.
After it entered the base, a violent roar came out.
So infuriating!
This man’s name is Kamalas, and he is from Eastern Europe. This time he was entrusted by the organization to go to the Thailand branch base in Asia to take charge of affairs.
This Kamaras is the middle-level person in charge of the gray-white organization. He has the reputation of being the master of sea monsters and is a 1-star elite creature.
/It is impossible to say that with the strength of one-star elite, it is impossible to become the middle level of the gray-white organization, let alone the host of a regional base.
/You must know that in the gray and white organization, one-star level gray realm ability users are only official members.
If you want to become the middle level of the organization, you need to have a strength of 2 stars or above. If you want to host a regional base, you should be at least 2 stars elite or above. As for the top leaders of the organization, most of them are above 2 stars terror.
For ordinary people, if the terrifying strength of 2 stars is combined with modern firearms, it is simply the god of death among the gods of death.
But this person was very lucky. He got a North Sea Troll egg by chance. After that, this person tried every means to consume a lot of resources and hatched the North Sea Troll egg.
This North Sea monster has just hatched and stretched out. It is three meters long and has one star of elite strength.
It has grown to its current level, with a body length of more than 100 meters, and a biological level of three-star elite. It is even more powerful in the sea.
As a result, this Kamalas has just become a middle-level player, and has the opportunity to go to the Thailand branch base.
But this time when he entered China to recruit formal members, Kamaras’s luck seemed to have run out.
One accidentally provoked a powerful person of unknown origin.
At first, the man didn’t care too much, but there was no news about the sniper who was responsible for cleaning up the tail after landing. In the end, the sniper reached the underground base.
To be honest, Kamalas didn’t worry about his own safety at all in the sea, but after landing on the shore, the huge sea monster was beyond his reach.
Kamaras, who attached great importance to his own safety, immediately sent Leng Xinxing out to stop Wei Xiaobei while retreating.
This approach has two benefits.
If Leng Xinxing can kill the opponent, even if it is Le