The Goddess said: “I have calculated that the Immortal Lord has many dangers, and he cannot protect himself. In terms of calculations, he cannot defeat those old foxes like Dongwang and Dijun.”
All the immortals looked at each other.
Master Huolong asked: “What the goddess means is that if the Immortal Lord dies, how much of the inheritance can we get if we are close enough to drive Yingzhou and run away?”
The Goddess rolled her eyes at him: “What I mean is that the Immortal Lord is full of misfortunes, but he still has the word “lucky”. You bastards don’t even have the word “lucky”. If you go too far from Yingzhou, you will die! Be honest with me Light it, otherwise you will all be used to light sky lanterns!”
/All the immortals were submissive and did not dare to speak.
There were three or two people in front of the entrance, each raising their heads and looking up at the entrance. They even raised their souls to fly around the entrance to examine the mystery of the entrance.
When the three immortals saw this, they each looked surprised and were speechless.
Xu Ying also remained silent, contemplating this entrance together.
Two days later, one of the immortals left, and Xu Ying also stood up and left the entrance.
The remaining two immortals still stayed in front of the entrance and continued to comprehend.
“Those two immortals actually took so long to comprehend, which shows that their qualifications are average.” Han Zekang said with a smile.
The goddess sneered and said: “These two immortals are the disciples of Emperor Changsheng. They are the geniuses selected by Emperor Changsheng. Although they are still immortal kings at this level, they are more than enough to kill you guys!”
Everyone was shocked, only to realize that the two immortals had such a powerful background.
/Fairy Gushe asked: “Who is the immortal who left? He understood the profound entrance and was faster than the disciples of the Changsheng Emperor, and almost as fast as the Immortal Master!”
The Goddess made some calculations, frowned slightly, and said: “This person is called Ming Shuangxiu. He is a layman with extremely high qualifications and understanding. He was an official in the Finance Department of Xianting when he offended Guan Tianzun of the Finance Department and escaped overnight. He left the Ministry of Finance and went to the borderlands. But for some reason, I calculated that he was suffering from a bloody disaster. I wonder, where did this bloody disaster come from? ”
After Xu Ying came out of this pass, he looked up and saw a layer of sky, connected by the Tianhe River.
“The internal layout of Wuzhuang Temple is the same as that of the Hidden Scenery. By studying here, you can get the secrets of the cultivation of the ancestors of the Earth Immortals.”
Ming Shuangxiu said to himself, “It’s ridiculous that many people don’t know the real wealth and run to the front to find the Taoist tree.”
Xu Ying glanced at him, Ming Shuangxiu looked at him, and said with a smile: “But Xu Tianzun is a wonderful man an