silver and blue library will win the world, and those who believe in the crazy Chu will win eternal life!”

This is a good statement.
But it’s mine now.
He patted the little secretary on the shoulder with sincerity and said calmly: “The crazy person who believes in Chu will win the world, and the person who believes in me, Pei Du, will win eternal life!”
“High, really high!”
The little secretary suddenly stopped looking up.
Pei didn’t pay any attention to the little secretary’s flattery. He was suddenly very curious. He didn’t know what the other booksellers in Qinzhou thought. They seemed to have only bought a small amount of goods. Is it enough to sell?
These few days at the beginning of the month are the best time for bookstore business, so major bookstores attach great importance to it, and those big-name booksellers are even more energetic and ready to do a big job on this day!
But soon they discovered
Something is wrong.
Something is very wrong.
It seems that more than 50% of the customers, after scanning the new books this month, unanimously chose “Zhu Xian”.
Upon discovering this phenomenon, major booksellers felt a little confused.
Didn’t it say that fairy tales like “Zhu Xian” are not easy to sell? Didn’t it say that Chu Kuang’s new book is about to be published?
A book that is so easy to sell is also called a bust?
Of course, selling books is a good thing. The purpose of opening a business is to make money. What books customers buy is the same for all major booksellers.
But the problem is
The inventory of “Zhu Xian” in the warehouse is running low!
What should I do if the customer still has money in his pocket but cannot buy the book?
I don’t know which bookstore it started from, or it started at the same time, but all the major bookstores are booming!
“I can’t help but sell this book.”
/“Our “Zhu Xian” is sold out!”
“I tried replenishing it three times and it’s all sold out!”
“Boss, “Zhu Xian” isn’t selling enough!”
“Why did “Zhu Xian” only have 10,000 copies?”
“Forty thousand copies of fifty thousand copies have been sold. It’s only been one morning. What should I do in the afternoon?”
“Holy crap, can anyone tell me how this thing sells out so fast!”
When major bookstores ran out of inventory of “Zhu Xian”, all booksellers outside Jing’an Bookstore were confused.
Make bricks without straw!
For these booksellers, the cruelest thing in the world is that there are too many books in and they can’t sell them all.
The even more cruel thing is the scene in front of me.
The customer still has money in his pocket, but the book is gone!
“It’s okay, other stores are out of stock too.”
Some leaders tried to comfort the heads of major branches in this way.
This is usually the comfort. Booksellers always misestimate the sales volume of a certain book, and then just compete with who can purchase it faster.
To this.
The person in charge of a certain branch bookstore had to remind his boss: “The Jing’an Bookstore next door has purchased a total of 700,000 copies