Of course, Zhu Xinyi also said that Xiao Bailing was very diligent in learning martial arts, and she was no less diligent than herself.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei asked Che Meihan to learn martial arts from Zhu Xinyi, and asked Zhu Xinyi to take good care of Che Meihan, but Zhu Xinyi did not refuse and was actually a little excited.
Well, maybe Zhu Xinyi wants to learn from Che Meihan how to seduce her master?
After Wei Xiaobei arranged the matter, he kicked out the apprentice and the woman.
Now that the matter is settled, some things still need to be dealt with.
This time I entered the gray world and earned more than 30,000 evolution points. How to use it is naturally a big deal.
Wei Xiaobei reviewed the previous point-adding plan, thought for a while, and decided to improve his carving skills first to facilitate his plan.
Besides, to be honest, this carving skill seems to have some benefits for tool-making skills.
Even if you buy an island and have a way out, the money will never be too much.
In this case, Wei Xiaobei did not hesitate at all and immediately focused his attention on that carving skill.
In less than three breaths, the 500 evolution points were consumed, and the green carving skill quickly turned into cyan.
The carving skills have also been promoted from mastery to proficiency.
In the blink of an eye, Wei Xiaobei felt that he was suddenly enlightened about some unknown aspects of carving skills, and the contents of some carving books he had read suddenly emerged and corresponded to each other.
Wei Xiaobei believed that his current level was on par with those of the master sculptors.
Don’t underestimate the fact that it only takes twenty years to become a master, but if a person can focus on sculpture for twenty years, the results achieved will be enough to shock the world.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was not busy continuing to improve his sculpting skills, but turned his attention to muscle attributes.
The last time he entered the gray world, Wei Xiaobei had several bursts of electricity, ate several skewers of immortal barbecue, and his attributes generally increased a lot.
As of now, the muscle attribute has been increased to 57 points!
Only 3 points away from raising it to 60 points! Promote the intermediate burst!
Of course, from a certain point of view, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective to continue to eat Xianpin barbecue to increase the muscle attribute to 60 points.
/But considering that this immortal dish is not that easy to cook, the remaining immortal dishes would be a bit of a waste if they were eaten just to increase attributes.
On the contrary, it is easier to evolve this thing than to obtain immortal dishes.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei finally focused on the muscle attributes. With a thought, the evolution points began to be consumed rapidly, and the value of the muscle attributes also increased by 0.01.
After the branch attribute is increased to 40 points, 4 evolution points will be consumed for every 0.01 improvement.
After spending 1,200 evolution points, the m