inary rich people enjoyed their services. However, when it came to Han Xuan and the others, Level, safety is the most important thing. If you come to help open the door rashly, the final result will probably be embarrassing as you are driven away by the bodyguards.

Isabelle was stunned. Han Xuan’s request was beyond her expectation. Many things came to her mind instantly. She also supported the idea of ??protecting the Amazon rainforest.
Unfortunately, this matter is not simple. He told reporters: “The reason why local people cut down trees in the rainforest on a large scale is because they are too poor. Many poor people moved to the vicinity of the rainforest and imitated the locals in cutting down trees and planting crops, hoping to make money.” In addition, there are also people who simply cut down trees and sell them. In the end, most of the wood was sold to developed countries. American businessmen played a very disgraceful role in helping to provide sales, which caused the felling speed to become faster and faster. Before that, The residents there also destroyed forests to open up wasteland, but the impact was limited. If these problems are not solved, it will be useless for my family to talk to the officials. As for canceling the road construction plan, I can promise you now. Since the 1970s, we have started Build the Pan-Amazon Highway, from the easternmost end of Brazil’s Atlantic coast to the western border. I remember that the total length is more than 5,500 kilometers. Which one are you referring to as the new one?” ”
There are many, mainly connecting the Amazon roads. The current total length of many branch roads is only about 10,000 kilometers, and your official plan is to double this number. It is simply a disaster.”
Anya didn’t understand and asked doubtfully: “Why would it be a disaster?”
“Because of this Roads have made the core area of ??the Amazon rainforest subject to deforestation, grazing, and settlement, and the deforestation rate has soared year by year. Originally, transportation was inconvenient and people could not enter the depths of the rainforest. Now they are hiding deep in the rainforest, and no one cares about it. The felling of guys. So this road is quite harmful, it is already very difficult, and we cannot continue to destroy it.”
/Sao Paulo Industrial Group and Vale are both giant companies in Brazil, ranking among the top 500 companies in the world. Involving many important industries.
In other words, the Isabelle family is quite powerful. A small part of their assets were divided up in the past few years. However, after settling the relatives who were holding back, their rights and resources have become more concentrated. They may not be as famous as the Han family in the world, but in the world Brazil is definitely much more powerful than Han Xuan. For some problems that require Han Xuan to use his brain, her father, who is in power in the family, can just make a phone call.
After listening to this, Anya nodded with a look of realization. It involves the interests