logy…” Zhang Lisheng looked at Guo Caiying and curled his lips, “Oh, of course, as long as you can endure the hardship.” “

logy…” Zhang Lisheng looked at Guo Caiying and curled his lips, “Oh, of course, as long as you can endure the hardship.” ”
What’s that expression on your face? I’m telling you not to look down on people, you know ‘Dr. Zhang’.” “Guo Caiying said, and suddenly pinched Zhang Lisheng’s face rather than twisting it.
After that, the girl seemed to be startled by her sudden and uncontrollable actions. After she retracted her hand, her face turned red and confused. Said: “You don’t care what I study.
Okay, okay, you have finally awakened the “national soul” of a big capitalist, and promised to take on the important responsibility of communicating with the young academic elites of mainland China and Xiangzhou and Baodao. Come and take us to see how you are preparing. ”
“Okay. “Zhang Lisheng smiled uncomfortably, and turned around pretending to be nonchalant. Sure enough, the butler was already standing upright beside him, “Tonas, lunch, hell it’s already this time, it should be afternoon tea, it’s ready. ? ”
/Okay doctor. ”
Miss Guo, Miss Ai, distinguished guests, please come with me. “The housekeeper promptly changed his name to Zhang Lisheng, replied politely, and guided everyone through the living room to the large terrace.
Although it is the hottest time of the day, the coolness brought by the grape trellis It’s overcast, the slowly but uninterrupted mountain breeze and the cool water vapor seeping from the lake under the terrace make people feel cool, comfortable and comfortable on the terrace.
/“It’s so beautiful here,” the environment is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful. On the terrace, a lively girl ran to the wooden fence and looked at the distant mountains. She took a deep breath and shouted in surprise: “I have been coming to Stanford for more than two years, and I never knew that there was such a beautiful mountain nearby.
Wow, is there a lake under our feet? It looks very clear, and there are wooden boats. It’s so enjoyable to live here…” “Did you
hear that, junior fellow student, even our most picky classmate Yishan thinks living here is so beautiful? You are enjoying life in the villa, so you can relax more or less in the future.
You are already ‘Dr. Zhang’, what else do you want to do, don’t be so desperate. “Guo Caiying took the opportunity to tease Zhang Lisheng half-truthfully, “But this place is really good, so I would like to give you a verbal praise.
“As long as you are satisfied. ” Zhang Lisheng smiled and replied: “I recently plan to slow down my pace of life and relax. I have already booked a flight and will return to western Sichuan in two days.”
“But it’s summer vacation soon? ”
“That’s why it’s called relaxation. After going to Sichuan University to complete the procedures, you can have a full month or two of leisure. ”
“What about your American girlfriend? Doesn’t she need you to accompany her during the holidays? ” “Guo Caiying was silent for a while, curled her lips and asked.
“She has her own life, and she plans to travel to the polar regions with two goo