ith the irreversible slow passage of time, finally, as the figures of the cultivators retreated from the bloody battlefield of the god level, from the jade snake at the beginning, to the cultivators one after another Starting out, the last ones were monks such as Chun Yuzhi and Yun Han, who had the most profound foundations, and who had embarked on their own unique paths.

And gradually, it was in this process that the few gathered into the many, and the changes finally began to become clear.
Even during this process, the cultivators of the Hunyuan Method mobilized and controlled by Wu Qing also had large-scale mobilizations and rotations, making the increase and decrease of personnel on the bloody battlefield even more chaotic.
This has had a certain effect.
But in the end, even Song Qingxi, who had been the most ferocious in killing for a long time, and who had mastered the same strange Taoist techniques as Chu Weiyang, suddenly turned away from the bloody battlefield.
This kind of change in the process of increase and decrease, which is completely attributed to zero, finally attracted people’s attention.
Song Qingxi’s return is also inevitable.
It is as if all cultivators are bearing the power of transformation and sublimation between heaven and earth. They are not only stimulating opportunities and creation to break the process of the third degree of glory and death to the fourth degree of glory and glory, but also make the body stable and firm. Stopping at the higher level of Kaitian Dharma, they are using this sublimation process to extend their own path to the realm of True Form Dharma.
On a factual level, they are all monks who practice two paths of cultivation, such as Shi Yuting, Yunhan, and Qi Feiqiong. They have witnessed the creation process of the true form method from scratch in the past, and even even Qing He also made great contributions. He once took the true form method of Dantai realm one step further to the foundation-building realm and laid the strongest foundation.
Moreover, Chu Weiyang also truly proved with his own methods that the grace of Taoism mixed with magical powers, the truly transcendent strength and methods, will bring unmatched killing power.
Therefore, just as other cultivators use this method to extend the path to the True Form Dharma, Song Qingxi, who uses the True Form Dharma to realize the Tao, will also take this opportunity to re-enter the field of cultivation of the Kaitian Dharma.
After all, apart from risking his own life in the past, what Song Qingxi practiced from the beginning to the end, such as the Four Seasons Sword Technique and the Divine Charm of Cutting Clouds, were all within the realm of Kaitian Technique.
/And strange to say, it is precisely because of the first step to respond to the calamity with one’s life, the first step to follow the path of true form, to master the complete and comprehensive Taoist scriptures, to master the innate sword body and Tao body, and to master the true Taoist body. The charm of Jie Yun actually taught Song Qingxi to r