simpler terms, after reaching An Jin, such Qi will be generated, which can penetrate the acupuncture points, so as to cleanse the meridians and body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the muscles, bones, skin and flesh. After reaching Huajin, you can use Tiger, leopard, thunder, etc. cleanse the internal organs, thereby achieving the effect of strengthening the internal organs and blood.

The joy in Wei Xiaobei’s heart could not be suppressed, causing a trace of Qi to swim in his dantian.
When this qi is swimming in the Dantian, the accumulated qi will be incorporated little by little when it is bumped into. Gradually, this qi begins to grow.
If it was a hundred times thinner than a hair before, then after swimming around in the dantian, it became several times bigger than before.
After the Qi rotated for a few times, the Qi sensation in the Dantian disappeared a lot. Fortunately, the Qi generated from various parts of the body poured into the Dantian continuously, keeping the Qi sensation in the Dantian at a level. .
/Wei Xiaobei was like playing a game of big fish eating small fish, constantly driving that trace of Qi to swim and make it grow stronger.
I don’t know how long it took, but Wei Xiaobei felt a slight stabbing pain in his head, and then he came out of this inward-looking state.
Rubbing his tingling forehead, Wei Xiaobei knew that it was because he had been looking inward for too long, which resulted in excessive mental exertion.
Wei Xiaobei glanced at Huang Dajun. Fortunately, Huang Dajun hadn’t woken up yet. It seemed that the time had not exceeded an hour.
It must be said that Wei Xiaobei’s internal inspection is quite risky. Whether it is the Black Giant Scorpion or Huang Dajun who may wake up, they may pose a threat to him. If nothing else, it is enough to interfere with his luck. Let yourself go crazy.
If he hadn’t seen the intense energy that had just been enhanced by the Bajiquan, it was a rare opportunity, and he wouldn’t have taken such a risk.
Wei Xiaobei lay on the sand for a while, and after the pain in his mind subsided, he did not dare to continue his luck and just focused on the attribute panel.
The evolution points consumed to upgrade Bajiquan this time were only 300, which undoubtedly confirmed Wei Xiaobei’s judgment.
According to normal circumstances, if you want to upgrade your mastery to proficiency, according to Wei Xiaobei’s calculations, you need at least 500 evolution points.
As I continued to make breakthroughs in practice and battles, I spent a lot less time investing in evolution points.
The joy in Wei Xiaobei’s heart could not be suppressed. He jumped up from the sand and began to fight.
After finishing a set of Baji Quan, Wei Xiaobei felt comfortable all over. This Baji Quan had reached the level of proficiency. Not only did he gain a deeper understanding of Baji Quan, but he also finally broke through the Ming Jin and entered the Dark Jin. level.
If you just look at the attribute panel, there is no change in attribute values, but Wei Xiaobei h